24 JANUARY, 2017


Most of the time, the brightest ideas come at the most unlikely places and circumstances. Now, think about your team in the office. What has come out of your formal meetings? To meet again, perhaps? Maybe it is time to take things outside. Being chained to a desk or holed up in a room could feel very limiting, even intimidating, as if the normal flow of ideas are not encouraged. So the next time you want to brainstorm, plan a campaign or have a casual outing, do it in a place where you can all get to relax and still be productive.

The beach, an island, a tropical paradise is a venue that never fails. And in this department, Boracay surely won’t disappoint. Holding your  company outing in Boracay will allow everyone to recharge and chill while bonding like you’ve never bonded before. There’s nothing like looking foolish and falling off a Fly Fish as a team, right?

There are a lot of accommodations in Boracay that will cater to every specification. But for everything you need, there’s Alta Vista de Boracay, a luxury hotel in Boracay that’s perfect for the entire team.

Here’s how you can make the most of your team outing in Alta Vista de Boracay.

Travel off-peak

Photo courtesy of BryanVillarosa via Pixabay

Boracay is a beauty all year round. Even during the “ber” months, the sun is still mighty high. Except for occasional weather disturbances, the temperature in Boracay is overall sunny and tropical.

A major advantage in traveling off-peak is that the fares are generally cheaper. You can also score cheap accommodations in Boracay as most hotels have lower rates. At the Alta Vista de Boracay, discounted rates are offered for off-peak bookings. That means you can experience luxury without breaking the bank.

Boracay can get crowded, too crowded in fact, during the summer. And if you are there for a company outing during that time of the year, chances are you are not going to enjoy it as much. Wouldn’t it be nice to have quiet moments by the beach as the sun rises or walk barefoot on the powdery white sand while the sun is setting? Wouldn’t it be nice to capture all these in a picture without the unnecessary photobombers?

Your own tour organizers

There are a lot of activities in Boracay. This is why for big groups, it is advised to have a Boracay itinerary guide to make sure that everyone is on the same boat, literally and figuratively.

Alta Vista Boracay has several packages to choose from and they can arrange tours for the whole group. Apart from making the experience more fun, the activities are usually cheaper when done in groups or batches. It also saves you from the hassle of booking various activities with random tour companies or locals by the beach.

In planning the team’s Boracay itinerary and expenses, consider suggestions and specifications. Just the planning stage, weeks before the trip, will have everyone pumped up in the office.

Intimate, private parties

When things get tough in the office, you have that instinct to cap the night with a bottle of cold beer. Well, now you really can.

The Boracay night life is epic. Your co-workers can enjoy early-hour or “barkada” promos offered almost in every bar or club by the beach. But if you intend to keep the group together or party without the hassle of going out, Alta Vista de Boracay has facilities to keep you up all night. 

There’s a sports bar that serves alcoholic beverages and facilitates non-stop fun. There’s also a karaoke room where you can take turns belting out tunes. Why not have a team sing-off challenge, while you’re at it?

In Boracay, you and your co-workers will party the way you have never partied before. Just be sure to look after each other. When it comes to fun, sky is the limit. But when it comes to alcohol, always drink in moderation.

Value some privacy


It’s fun to be in a group of friends, but at some point during the company outing in Boracay, you might want to find some time alone.

Alta Vista Boracay is nestled atop the highest peaks in the island. This makes it the best venue for the much-needed rejuvenation of body and spirit. It has a view deck with a 360-degree view of the island. Watching the gorgeous sunset from there is simply priceless.

Dine in style at Alta Veranda

Alta Veranda, Alta Vista’s homegrown cafe, serves delectable local and foreign cuisine. Doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a quick bite or a lavish meal, Alta Veranda is ready to deliver.

It offers famous Filipino dishes such as kare-kare and crispy tadyang. Favorites such as baby back ribs, steak, and burgers are also available. And then there’s crepe for dessert using only the freshest fruits. The best thing is that you can eat all these while sharing stories and getting to know more of the people you work with at your office.

Get some work done

Most company outings still require some “work.” You might have to work on an upcoming event or a report. The good thing about booking your accommodation at Alta Vista de Boracay is you can have access to the function room where you can discuss work matters. The hall is also convertible to cater to weddings, debuts, and other social gatherings.

Some people hesitate on having their team building activities far from their workplace. Apart from the expenses, logistics can be a nightmare. But with proper planning and cooperation from everyone, a Boracay outing is not too far-fetched. All it takes is a team of fun-loving individuals who are ready to have the best time of their lives.