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Alta Vista de Boracay

Witness an unforgettable panoramic view of the world’s best-loved beach from one of Boracay’s highest peaks. To cap off this worthwhile escape, explore the exclusive Puka Beach—a serene blue-water haven perfect for watching Boracay’s stunning sunsets. Enjoy all these in the comfort of Southeast Asian-inspired rooms that fuse modern living with the vibe of a pristine tropical paradise.

For added convenience, take advantage of our complimentary shuttle service, ensuring easy and hassle-free travel around the island. Experience the best of Boracay with ease and comfort, knowing that every detail of your journey is taken care of.

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Our Rooms

Relax in spacious, cozy, and clean rooms perfect for your vacation. Enjoy your day breaks and have a sound slumber in affordable luxurious units.

  • Deluxe Room Suite


    Rack Rate for the Deluxe Room is Php 7,320.

    Unwind in island bliss. Our cozy and spacious 45sqm Deluxe Room features a private balcony with a calming sea & mountain panorama. Perfect for morning reflection or evening relaxation. It's your homey haven in paradise.

    This room accommodates up to 4 guests, with an additional fee of Php 1,300 per extra person.

    • 2 Adults
    • 2 Children
    • 45 sqm
  • Loft Suite


    Rack Rate for the Loft Suite is Php 10,980.

    Unwind in spacious comfort with breathtaking views. Our 62sqm Loft Suite boasts a private balcony overlooking the sea and mountains, perfect for families or groups.

    This room accommodates up to 5 guests, with an additional fee of Php 1,300 per extra person.

    • 2 Adults
    • 2 Children
    • 62 sqm

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