12 APRIL, 2017


Holy Week is going to be a busy time for Boracay. Local and foreign tourists are surely going to flock to this island paradise for some sea, sun, and sand. And as for the Philippines being a predominantly Catholic nation, locals are hitting the world-renowned beach for another “s” as in “solemnity.”

Spending the Holy Week on the beach may be frowned upon by conservatives. But how one remembers the passion and suffering of Christ is personal, and it was never about a place or location. A Holy Week getaway such as Boracay doesn’t only feed the soul but also rejuvenates the body. In the Philippines, the four-day Lenten break is among the longest holidays and is the perfect time not only for soul-searching but also to bond with friends and family.

Here are some of the reasons why a short vacation in Boracay during the Lenten season is good for your soul.

Breathtaking view

Photo courtesy of Aron Elal via Flickr, Creative Commons

There’s something about waking up with a view of nature that makes you feel refreshed, even grateful. Wherever you are in Boracay, a nice view of the beach sunset, or the mountains will greet you. In luxury hotels nestled atop the peaks in the island, you can get a 360-degree view of this paradise. Alta Vista de Boracay has a view deck where you can enjoy the scenery as well as collect your thoughts and be one with yourself.

Boracay isn’t all about parties and fun beach activities, it also provides a venue for deep thoughts and spirituality. If you need to meditate and reflect, there are quiet spots in the island to do this.

Time alone for reflection

Photo courtesy of BryanVillarosa via Pixabay

Boracay is a perfect place for reflection. The paradise will surely make you reflect on the things that you have to be thankful for. You can sit alone under a beach hut, sip fresh juice, and watch people, wander off your balcony, visit a church in Station 1 or have an early morning walk by the shores. When in Boracay for the Holy Week, find some time alone. Find quiet places in Boracay and reflect on your life, your challenges, and the things you are most thankful for. Reflect on your relationship with your Creator and the people who matter to you.

Fun, friends, and family

Photo courtesy of lecreusois via Pixabay

When you’re hard at work for most part of the year, you look forward to a Holy Week getaway for some respite. Boracay is truly the place to be because it offers a perfect balance of fun and relaxation. Reboot and recharge in the less busy part of Boracay with your friends and family to take your mind away from work and stress. Feed your senses with breathtaking sceneries and your soul with extraordinary experiences.

Haven for children

Photo courtesy of TuhinGates via Pixabay

If you’re a parent and you’ve been having a hard time balancing work and family life, there’s nothing much besides spending quality time with your children that’s on your mind. And if there’s one thing that you think you need to do during the break, it is to make up for lost time. If that’s not good for the soul, we don’t know what is.

The tourist spots in Boracay are very kid-friendly. The fine sand are very gentle to barefoot kids who’d like to run around or play water relay. They can go island hopping with the rest of the family and eat fresh seafood on stopovers. They can also try riding a banana boat or a glass boat or try helmet diving. Alta Vista de Boracay also has an indoor playroom if you want the children to be in a more controlled environment.

Procession by the beach

For several years now, the municipal government of Malay, which has jurisdiction over Boracay, has been banning loud noise and parties from the morning of Good Friday to morning of Black Saturday. Visitors are advised to keep it low during this time of reflection.

On Good Friday, you can watch or join a church procession of images and statues showing the passion of Christ. This is a new and interesting experience for foreign tourists, and a solemn experience for locals.

Time for self-discovery

Photo courtesy of An Mai via Flickr, Creative Commons

Beach soul-searching ideas need not always have to be quiet and solemn. Sometimes, it takes jumping off a cliff, literally, to know what you’re made of. One way to nourish the soul is to constantly remind yourself that you are capable of so many other things, and that you can do things for the first time and have a good laugh. Whether it’s scuba diving, parasailing or jumping off Ariel’s point, do something that will make you rediscover your strength.

Build new friendships

Spending the Holy Week in Boracay means you are setting yourself up for new friendships and acquaintances. All sorts of tourists will descend to the resort paradise during this time and it is impossible not to bump into someone who shares the same interest or passion. Be open to making new friends. Let loose and share some stories.

Boracay during Holy Week offers a mix of faith, fun, and family. These things are exactly what you need to nourish your soul and feel refreshed. Take advantage of the Holy Week break to have some clean fun, bond with friends and family, and reconnect with your faith.