09 JULY, 2015


The powdery white sand, the turquoise clear waters, and the breathtaking sunset are what travelers usually rave when asked about Boracay. In the most recent years, the crazy and what-happens-in-Boracay-stays-in-Boracay party scene has also been regarded legendary by some party and beach goers. Not to be outdone are the bucket list type of adventures that travelers can now do in a beach like Boracay. Adventure travel in Boracay is not limited to water activities or even jumping off a cliff. Indeed, Boracay has it all. No wonder it is among the most-awarded beach in the world. Travelers particularly liked the “clear, warm waters” and the “gently sloping sand.” The website also noted that everyday is a good time to go in Boracay calling it Asia’s 24/7 island. Travel + Leisure magazine also named Boracay the best island in the world in 2012, beating out Bali, Santorini, Big Island in Hawaii, and Sicily.

The good thing about Boracay is it never rests on its laurels. It’s not a one-time kind of beach but a beach that makes you want to go back again and again. And every time you come back, there is always something new to try. The island guarantees to give you a unique Boracay vacation each time, nothing like you’ve had before. For the adventure and thrill-seekers, here are some of the new and unique things to do in Boracay.

Up and away in a helicopter

Photo courtesy of H. K. Tang, Creative Commons

Want to see the island from way up there? Island hopping in a boat is nice but what if we take things to a higher level, as in really high? Helicopter adventures offer a new and definitely a wild way to enjoy the view. These helicopters take off from helipads in the island heliport of Cagban. You can ask your service provider to give you a ride or hire a tricycle to take you to the port.

From above, you will see the island in all its breathtaking glory. The view of course is unobstructed. Aside from the beach, you can also spot coral beds and bat caves. Depending on the scope of the tour, the cost is about 70 USD to 150 USD per person. Group packages are available.


Cruisin’ paraw style

Photo courtesy of Hani_Han via pixabay.com

The paraw is to Boracay as Gondola is to Venice. This local sailboat is among the most-photographed in Boracay especially when it seems to disappear against the sunset. This traditional way of sailing is a relaxing way to tour the island. If you’re on a honeymoon, paraw sailing should be on top of your list of unique things to do in Boracay. Sunset cruising with soothing music in the background is the ultimate romantic adventure. You may ride the paraw for only Php 1,000 for two persons or 23 USD. For really big groups, a sunset party cruise is also worth a try. You and your friends may also rent a yacht.


Be a mermaid

Photo courtesy of Rob Speed via Flickr, Creative Commons

Is being a mermaid among your childhood dreams, then you grew up and found out that it is nothing but a crazy fantasy? Well, not quite. Not when you are in Boracay. Being a mermaid is one of the new and unique adventures in Boracay that you should try in your next visit. It will surely bring back a lot of childhood fantasies and memories.

Look for the Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy in Station 2. Use FishEye Divers for reference because the Academy piggybacks on that establishment. For Php 700 or 16 USD, you can try on a mermaid outfit and pose for pictures for 30 minutes. But why stop at pictorials? Swim like a mermaid and take the two hour mermaid swimming lesson for Php 1,500 or 30 USD. Your training ground for being Ariel for a day is the clear Boracay sea.


Strolling on horseback

Photo courtesy of Xoan Sampaino via Flickr, Creative Commons

Feeling the fine white sand between your toes is truly nice. But if you’ve had enough of barefoot strolling, why not hop on a horse? That’s right, a horse.

The stables are off the main road, north of the post office. For as low as Php 500 or 11 USD, you can rent a horse for an hour, with a guide, of course. Horseback riding tours can take you to the countryside, the beach, or the hills or a little bit of everything. Some horseback tours will also take you to the villages where you can meet friendly locals. Some hotels like Alta Vista de Boracay offer these kinds of tours to give guests a unique Boracay adventure. Here’s a tip: try this adventure at dawn to catch the magnificent Boracay sunrise.


View for the soul

Photo courtesy of Alta Vista De Boracay

This is an adventure for the soul, mind, and body. Boracay may be a nightlife haven but it is still a good place to relax, unplug, and de-stress. Start with looking for a luxurious but affordable accommodation in Boracay. There is Alta Vista de Boracay that offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the island from a deck. The hotel is nestled atop the island’s highest peaks so it is easy to find peace and serenity here. You can also go on an Alta Vista de Boracay adventure like enjoying access to the beautiful Puka beach. When in Boracay, do not forget to do something for the mind and soul. With the view being rather perfect, it should be easier.


Go local, try "hilot"

Photo courtesy of pereslavl via pixabay.com

Hilot, the traditional Filipino massage, will certainly rub all the stress away. Locals offering hilot services are everywhere in the island. You can enjoy this while sunbathing and reading a book by the beach. Hilot does not only relax your tired muscles but also a traditional way of healing in the Philippines. Experience this for only 7 USD.

Boracay never runs out of new adventures. This is why travelers keep coming back. Aside from the charming beach, each visit is unlike any other. It’s always like visiting the island for the first time. Go on an adventure travel in Boracay and cross out many items on your bucket list.