“Pics or it didn't happen.” This is the golden rule in social media. No wonder your traveler-friends keep, and flaunt, hundreds of photos on blogs, Instagram, and other platforms. Narcissistic or not, taking and posting photos of coffee shops, restaurants, and tourist destinations offer benefits to businesses and tourism. Before the advent of the Internet, people would need to buy travel magazines and subscribe to cable service for travel shows to know the next places to visit. Moreover, only establishments that could afford media mileage were able to reach out to people. Thanks to the Internet and social media platforms, a small juice stand in Boracay can advertise to travelers from various parts of the world.

If you're visiting Boracay in January, you're in for an unforgettable vacation. The tourist spots are not so crowded, the weather is refreshingly cooler, and businesses are offering special promos and discounts. This might be the perfect time to travel to the island with your partner.

Here's a list of Instagram-worthy places in Boracay for stunning couple photos.

The almost-isolated Puka Beach

A photo with blue skies, clear waters, and white sands as backdrop is a staple when visiting Boracay. The signature pose? Yes, the jump shot. You can take a wacky jump shot on the almost-isolated shores of Puka Beach This is also a stunning venue for prenuptial photo shoots without anybody obstructing the view.

Puka Beach is located on the northern tip of the island. It offers a beautifully serene environment, perfect for romantic couple photos. There's only a handful of businesses, mostly sari-sari stores and food stalls, so it provides a splendidly unobstructed view of the sunset for your photos.

A hotel atop the island

The majority of establishments in Boracay are in White Beach. You can expect tens of thousands of people crowding in this part of the island on peak seasons. A selfie with vacationers' happy faces in the background is a certified “likeable” photo. But if you're going for charming couple photos, you should head to a more secluded spot.

Alta Vista de Boracay sits atop one of the highest peaks in Boracay. It's one of the very few business establishments in Puka Beach. The Alta Vista de Boracay loft suite features a balcony overlooking the lush greens and mesmerizing blues of the island. You can also take gorgeous couple photos on the Dinara View Deck and infinity pool.

Underwater Crocodile Island

The Crocodile Island is one of the most recognizable spots in Boracay. This uninhabited island is shaped like the head of a crocodile, where it got its name. It's a favorite destination for water sports such as snorkeling and scuba diving. Here's an idea: sign up for a scuba diving lesson and take couple photos underwater. You can draw inspiration from the captivating movie poster of Guillermo del Toro's “The Shape of Water.”

The magical Balinghai beach

There's a thin line between a cute and a cringe-worthy couple photo. Generally, a jump shot falls under the former and a photo taken in a studio is among the latter. But there's no hard and fast rule, really. Before doing poses for your couple pictures, ask yourself: “Would I want to see my couple-friends in a similar light?” Let your answer enlighten you.

Good for you, it's nearly impossible to take chessy photos in Boracay. The breathtaking landscapes of this world-renowned destination make up for your lack of artistic flair. The Balinghai Beach in Ilig Iligan is one of the less-frequented places in Boracay because it's not always accessible. Like a magical place, this Instagrammable spot only emerges during low tide.

Who doesn't love food photos?

Want to take photos that will surely rake in social media raves? Head to the best-reviewed food joints in Boracay. On the top of the list, according to TripAdvisor reviewers, is The Sunny Side Cafe in Station 3. Satisfied customers recommend the Sunny Side Salad, toasted brioche sandwiches, and the coffee. The Lemon Cafe and Restaurant in D'Mall Plaza is another place to visit. Take stunning photos with your partner enjoying the Lemon Meringue and fruit shakes.

If you prefer a quiet restaurant with delectable offerings and picturesque interiors, visit L'Altura Restaurant in Alta Vista de Boracay. Try a fusion of cuisines like Pizza Di Juan and Grilled Adobo with Yogurt.

With a traditional Paraw boat

Nothing says “chic Boracay” more than a photo surrounded with gorgeous Paraw boats. Paraw sailing is a traditional way of sailing around the waters of Boracay. Today, you can rent a two-sailed Paraw boat to visit other neighboring islands or just charter the seas.

Where can you take cinematic photos with these iconic boats? Pretty much anywhere in the island. Here's a tip: go charter a boat late in the afternoon for a dreamy couple photo.

The sleepy coastal towns

Do you know that there's a handful of lesser-known beaches in Boracay for your couple photos? If you've been browsing travel blogs, these spots are described as “unappealing” and “boring.” But beauty is a relative concept. Also, there's a unique charm in sleepy coastal towns, don't you think?

Check out the 2017 of the Sony World Photography Awards. The dominant themes include unadulterated scenes of people doing mundane things — children playing by a lake or bay in India, a farmer in Turkey, and the selfie culture. Capture the local life in Boracay in Tulubhan Beach and Manoc Manoc Beach. You and your partner can also spread insights on the traditional livelihood of locals.

The majestic lush forests

Take pictures that will remind you of the emotions triggered by the captured moment. Did the cliff dive with your partner literally and figuratively make your heart skip a beat? Did the sinful chocolate cake you had in a cafe make you immensely grateful for being alive?

Trek Mount Luho and discover the rich natural resources of Boracay. You can take photos with the wild plant species and exotic fauna. This outdoor activity is a good chance for you to take candid photos of your partner — while he/she looks around in awe or squeals at the sight of an unfamiliar forest animal.

Regardless of where you plan to do your pictorials, remember to enjoy your time in Boracay with your significant other. Take photos of the beautiful places in Boracay but first, take the moment to embrace the beauty of the world around you. Ultimately, this is a precious time for you and the person who means a lot to you.