There’s so much more to Boracay than just the world-famous White Beach. The island, which will reopen on October 26 after six months of environmental rehabilitation, is home to several beaches and natural wonders. A first-time traveler will definitely have a full itinerary, but what if you only have one day to spare?

The best way to explore all of what Boracay island has to offer is to book an island hopping tour. There are at least a dozen beaches in Boracay, each uniquely charming and beautiful.

There are two ways to go island hopping — private or with a group of other travelers. The best thing about private tours is not only privacy but also the flexibility. You can customize your itinerary without consulting a huge group. Of course, it is more expensive, with costs ranging from Php1,500 to Php2,000 per person inclusive of lunch and snorkeling gear.

Public island hopping tours use huge boats that can accommodate up to 20 to 30 passengers at once. Rates are anywhere from Php600 to Php800 depending on the inclusions. Rates can go lower depending on your haggling skills.

So, what’s waiting for you in Boracay? Read on and find out.

Puka Beach

Perhaps the second most famous beach after the White Beach is Puka. It boasts of a 1,300-meter long sandy white beach and turquoise clear waters. It was named after puka shells, which used to be abundant in the area.

Puka Beach is best if you want to take a dip and take in the sights. It is also recommended for people who want to take a break from the crowd.

There are huts where you can relax, and it usually comes for free when you order fresh buko. When you stay at Alta Vista De Boracay, you will be given exclusive access to Puka Beach, which is a really good deal.

Crocodile Island

crocodile island hopping boracay Photo courtesy of momo via Flickr

This is one of the most common island hopping stops in Boracay. It is a small inhabited island and got its name from its distinctive shape resembling a croc’s head. But don’t worry, it is not a croc-infested area.

Situated off the southern tip of Boracay, the island is popular among snorkelers and divers for its diverse marine life such as corals, moray eels, and sea snakes. Just a caution, however, the current can be really strong so make sure to heed your boat man’s advice whether you can go diving or not.

Crystal Cove

crystal cove island hoppingPhoto courtesy of Yen (yenlife007) via Flickr

Another popular spot in any island hopping itinerary is the Crystal Cove Island Resort, a private beach near Boracay. But because it is a private property, visitors would need to pay Php200 entrance fee.

The main attractions are the two coves that you can explore. There’s also a wide range of activities that travelers can do such as snorkeling, pigeon feeding, kayaking, and trekking. It also has a museum and an aviary.

Magic Island

This stop is not for the faint of heart. You’ll know you are arriving at Magic Island once you hear people shouting (in fear or excitement) and cheering. It’s a popular cliff jumping spot, so you get the picture.

There are diving boards here of different heights, depending on your experience. There’s also a five feet board for kids. This would, of course, make for a remarkable Instagram story, with the thrill of jumping and the beautiful crystal clear waters underneath all captured by your GoPro camera.

Bulabog Beach

crystal cove boracay island hopping
Photo courtesy of Roman Nuritdinov via Flickr

On the east coast of Boracay lies Bulabog Beach. If you are traveling on a limited time and want to do something new and interesting, this could be the beach for you. It is the best spot for windsurfing, kiteboarding, and other water sports activities.

The water here is too shallow for swimming, but ideal for kitesurfing. You may also try parasailing, or just relax and chill by the beach, which unlike the White Beach is not as crowded.

Diniwid Beach

Now, this is a good place to end your island hopping trip. After all the snorkeling and swimming and extreme water sports activities, you can sit back and relax at Diniwid Beach.

The beach is actually very close to the White Beach, about a 15-minute walk from Station 1. The White Beach and the Diniwid Beach are separated by a cliff. But given its proximity to the White Beach, it is surprisingly a lot more quiet and peaceful, perfect for honeymooners.

One of Diniwid’s best-kept secrets is the Spider House, a resort that was made famous by dining off a cliff experience. The main attraction here, besides food, is the majestic view of the sky and the sea. There’s no bad angle, really. Catching the sunset, which is one of the top things to do in Boracay Island, is the perfect relaxing activity to do here at Diniwid after a long day of island hopping.

If you only have one full day to explore Boracay, island hopping is the best activity that will give you a preview of all the best things. Boracay Island is a massive one to explore, but hopping from one beach or island to another would give you a good perspective of what Boracay has to offer. You will end up seeing and doing so much that you can’t believe you were only there for a day.

Maybe next time, you will have an extended stay.