Your favorite Alta Vista de Boracay hotel has a wonderful surprise for you. They have a new in-house restaurant that is sure to satiate the food connoisseur in you. Called the L’Altura, the restaurant is brought to you by Tamayo’s Group, the trusted name in catering and food services. L’Altura Restaurant serves many of your favorite dishes, but with innovative twists you will not find anywhere else. The special care talented chefs put into every dish is apparent in the meals’ impeccable presentation. Now you have yet another reason to head over to Boracay!

Deconstructed Halo-halo and Mango Tart. Photo courtesy of L’Altura

An upscale hotel restaurant

Newly opened in June 2017, L’Altura Restaurant is an upscale hotel restaurant in Boracay. They are the exclusive Food and Beverage provider for Alta Vista de Boracay, a posh condotel. The restaurant is the latest addition to the many ventures of Tamayo’s Group, a company that has revolutionized the catering industry with its unique products and concepts.

Spicy Deep Fried Duck Eggs. Photo courtesy of L’Altura

Escape to a tranquil food haven

The L’Altura Restaurant is located only 10 minutes from the bustling Station 2, but is secluded enough to offer a tranquil escape. Dining at the restaurant will have you basking in the relaxing and peaceful atmosphere of a hilltop setting that provides stunning views of the famous turquoise waters and white sands of Boracay as well as the lush greeneries of its mountains. L’Altura takes pride in offering local and international cuisine they have made uniquely their own through innovative preparation and presentation.

Brooklyn Deli. Photo courtesy of L’Altura

Peaceful vibe and stunning views

L’Altura is a hotel restaurant which finds its home at the Alta Vista de Boracay, a condotel perched atop one of the highest peaks in Boracay. Guests love the hotel for the exclusive, worry-free Boracay escape it offers. Alta Vista de Boracay is made up of 17 mid-rise condominiums sprawled across an impressive four-hectare property. The condotels fuse together the relaxing vibe of Southeast Asian interiors and the comforts of modern living.

Dear Landlord. Photo courtesy of L’Altura

Friendly and well-trained staff to pamper you

More than just enjoying delicious food, your experience at L’Altura will include being indulged by a staff that has been trained and immersed in the culture of excellence Tamayo is known for, laying credence to the company’s tenet “Client is King.” Moreover, the restaurant staff work closely with hotel personnel who are trained in the hospitality industry and are committed to providing outstanding service to guests.

Mango Tart with Chili Cubes. Photo courtesy of L’Altura

Authentic and innovative dishes

The L’Altura Restaurant provides guests with an impressive line of dishes modified by innovative and talented chefs, offering a fusion of modern and classic elements. They are dishes you are familiar with, but better. If your taste is more on the adventurous side, then you will love the less familiar offerings at the restaurant, such as the Champorado Cake.

All the dishes at L’Altura are prepared with a passion for creating authentic and mouth-watering dishes, and its staff only subscribe to high service standards that ensure only the most delicious food make it to your table.

Cajun Seafood. Photo courtesy of L’Altura

Sumptuous and indulgent main entrée

For your main entrée, you must try the Cajun Seafood, a spicy seafood dish with shrimp, mussels, squid, and crab flavored with butter and sausages and served with homemade bread on the side. If Cajun cuisine is not to your liking, you may go for the Beef Sukiyaki Bowl instead. This Japanese-inspired dish consists of steamed rice topped with stir-fried beef, and served with miso soup on the side. If a more familiar dish appeals to you, then the Pineapple Sweet and Sour Pork is the right choice. This is breaded pork loin dipped in sweet and sour pineapple sauce. If you want a famous Filipino cuisine with a delicious twist, then Grilled Adobo with Yogurt is a must-try. L’Altura’s version of the Filipino favorite dish is made more interesting by Arabic and Asian influences. The dish includes mildly spicy rice, grilled chicken adobo, and yogurt relish.

Pasta and pizza oozing with Filipino and international flavors

Experience more Filipino flavors by choosing pasta and pizza with a local twist. Try the Signature Sisig Pizza. The Pizza di Juan is also a must try. It is the restaurant’s signature pizza dough topped with the traditional Filipino flavors of adobo, sisig and chicharon. If you want to go international while retaining a Filipino flavor, Pasta Caldereta is for you. Caldereta is a spicy Spanish-Filipino beef stew infused with distinctly Italian flavors. The beef stew is perfect with the meticulously prepared al dente spaghetti.

Filipino Dessert Sampler. Photo courtesy of L’Altura

Desserts to take you to sweet tooth heaven

The Filipino desserts served at L’Altura are so creatively reworked. They have the familiar flavors that you love, albeit magnified and made even more delicious. You should never leave the restaurant without trying the Filipino Dessert Sampler, which is the restaurant’s take on classic Filipino desserts. They put a contemporary flair to the champorado, turon, and buko pandan gel that you know. And you can’t miss their tropical heat beater, the Mango Papaya Tapioca. This dessert is a combination of ripe mangoes, tapioca pearls with coconut milk, pandan, and papaya served chilled. And here’s a remake of an even more popular heat beater in the Philippines — the halo halo. The restaurant gave the classic Filipino dessert a complete redress, retaining all the usual flavors but presented in nouveau fashion.

Photo courtesy of L’Altura

Appetizer and soup to completely satisfy your palate

The Seafood Ceviche make for great appetizers, with the flavors of marinated shrimp, squid, maya-maya, crispy cucumber, and sesame oil blending together perfectly. If you prefer comfort food, then the Chicken Meatballs and Onion Rings are the ones for you. The meatballs are bathed in marinara sauce and topped with melted cheese, and served with onion rings on the side. For your soup, get the best of both Asian and Western cuisine by choosing the Modern Ramen dish. The soup blends together Japanese and Western influences in a steaming bowl. It’s a delectable mixture of spicy miso broth, soft boiled egg and pork, and noodles topped with pastrami.

Jaw Breaker. Photo courtesy of L’Altura

Salads and sandwiches: snacks made to impress

Whether you like it heavy or light, you will find just the right snack for you at L’Altura Restaurant. And you can’t get heavier than the Jaw Breaker, a 300 pounder burger patty with slaw hungarian sausage, spicy cabbage, and TLC sandwiched between sliced homemade sugar glazed doughnut and served with potato wedges on the side. For a lighter snack, go for the Kani Salad — L’Altura’s version of the popular Asian salad — which consists of cabbage topped with crab sticks and bathed in a special dressing with mango gel.

Take the trip and find yourself adding L’Altura to your list of best restaurants in Boracay.