When it comes to a wild nightlife, the Philippines may not be the first destination that comes to mind. The beach spots in the country are more known to be secluded and laidback. Many perceive these destinations closer to a “final frontier” than an oriental Ibiza. It's time to explore the wonders of Boracay nightlife. Boracay is hailed as one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Its white sand beaches, rich flora and fauna, and wide array of leisure spots make it a top vacation destination among locals and foreigners. But aside from its breathtaking natural glories, Boracay offers a nightlife like no other. What's in a Boracay night scene? Here's a guide for first-time visitors.

Night fun in a cozy spot at Alta Vista de Boracay

Boracays Nightlife Alta Vista de Boracay

Photo courtesy of Alta Vista de Boracay

In Boracay, the party culture doesn't sleep. This means that you don't have to wait for sunset to put on your festive mood. Upon arriving at Alta Vista de Boracay, treat yourself to a hearty meal at the L'Altura restaurant. Savor a delectable menu of Asian-Western fusion dishes and desserts. Try the popular Sriracha Chicken Thigh or the Filipino-style Pizza Di Juan. You got to fill in your stomach with food for a night of alcohol and dancing.

Head to the Sports Bar in Alta Vista de Boracay which offers local and imported craft beer, liquor, and cocktails. This spot is perfect for family and friends who want to enjoy a Boracay night-out in a cozy environment with a smaller crowd.

All-night dancing at Epic Boracay

Boracays Nightlife All-night Dancing

Photo courtesy of Skitterphoto via Pexels

If you want good ol' partying with a loud house music, strobe lights, and smoke machine and lots of people, you better head down to Beachfront D'Mall. This spot is teeming with restos and pubs that turn into a big party harbor.

Epic Boracay serves sumptuous meals at day and puts on heart-thumping music at night. If you're looking for all-night dancing, this is your place. The resto-bar/party spot also hosts fun activities such as Playhouse Wednesday that features the Beer Pong Challenge and weekend bashes with guest DJs spinning sick beats until 4 a.m.

Bar-hopping with a twist at Boracay Pub Crawl

Boracays Nightlife Bar-hopping with a Twist

Photo courtesy of Helena Lopes via Pexels

Want to know what a Boracay beach party is? Sign up in the Boracay Pub Crawl. For Php690 to Php990 per person, you can join a group and visit five party destinations on the island in one night. The fee covers 10 shooters and venue entrance, plus you can avail of discounts on food and drinks as a perk for signing up.

The Boracay Pub Crawl is perfect for solo travelers and foreigners wanting to forge new friendships with the locals. As its website proudly claims: “With our iconic yellow shirt, we roam around as one big happy group, radiating with great energy that everybody notices.” And it seems Boracay Pub Crawl walks the talk as shown by positive reviews on TripAdvisor.

Chilling out Boracay-style at Club Paraw

Boracays Nightlife Chilling at Club Paraw

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexel

Club Paraw in Station 1 is one of the “party landmarks” in Boracay. It's especially popular among local tourists. It's an open-air club that hosts the best beach parties. As most hotspots in the island, Club Paraw is a resto-club by day and a nightlife zone after sunset. It features a two-storey hangout and a dance floor that extends to the sandy beach. If you and your group want a bit of privacy, you can book the VIP area on the second floor.

Many patrons may rave about the inexpensive drinks (you can have rum mixes for only Php40), but others return to this hotspot for the amazing view. Chill out with latest EDM hits and the majestic Boracay sunset as your backdrop.

A refined atmosphere and large rum collection at Prisma

Boracays Nightlife Large Rum Collection

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

Do you prefer a more exclusive and slightly more refined party place? Check out the posh club, Prisma. This bar is adorned with modern tropical interiors and a stylish wine bar that can remind you of the high-end clubs in the Mediterranean. If that's not enough to entice you, Prisma is known to have the largest rum collection in the country. So get into your chic beach outfit and spend an unforgettable night in this hotspot.

Karaoke night at Alta Vista de Boracay

Boracays Nightlife Karaoke Night

Photo courtesy of Suvan Chowdhury via Pexels

Going to clubs and bars seems like a must-do in Boracay, but it's not really everything that defines a nightlife on the island. Some people prefer to spend their night in a private corner. Have fun singing your heart out without offending strangers in the other table. Book the Karaoke Room at Alta Vista de Boracay for your get-together. There's a complete entertainment system, with high-quality sounds, and an almost endless list of songs. The Karaoke Room is equipped with comfy sofa and chairs for you to lounge on while waiting for your turn to belt it out!

A relaxing yet heartfelt fun in an infinity pool

Boracays Nightlife Fun in Infinity Pool

Photo courtesy of Burst via Pexels

“Fun after sunset” can mean different things to different tourists. It can be dancing 'til dawn or lounging on the shore listening to jazz music via Spotify. Boracay has something to offer to various type of vacationers. Are you a party-goer or a laidback tourist who prefers to hang out with friends in a tranquil environment? Boracay offers a lot of options.

Chill out in Alta de Boracay's infinity pool. This amazing spot gives you an exhilarating view of the island with all its lush greens and calming blue waters. Catch up with your best friends while relaxing in the pool under Boracay's starry skies. Sometimes, you don't need loud music to energize you. Talk, laugh, and have quality time with the people dearest to you.

Boracay is undeniably one of the most amazing places you'll ever visit. Many compare its natural beauty with the gems in the Mediterranean. The tourist spots in Boracay such as its bars, clubs, and restaurants are at par with world-class joints. Boracay isn't Ibiza. It's not Mykonos or Phuket. It's Boracay with its unique, cool attributes.