27 DECEMBER, 2018


Saying that 2018 has been a crazy rollercoaster ride is an understatement. It was full of highs, lows, and other surprises for most of us — even for Boracay which recently underwent a 6-month rehabilitation. Those months were filled with uncertainty, excitement, and hope that everyone will be able to enjoy the island’s white shores again. So where else would you want to spend your new year in the Philippines but in an island that gets you—literally.

Cited as one of the top places to spend the last 24 hours of the year, Boracay is the place to welcome 2019. Read on to check the activities your family and friends can do on the island!

Check these activities off your bucket list!

Did you start 2018 with a bucket list in mind only to find them unchecked during the last days of the year? Fret not because you still have time to do them even on the last day of 2018. Bring out your adventurous side for Boracay NYE 2019 with these activities.

Fly over Boracay seas with parasailing

Let the wind blow you away as you get a gorgeous view of the Boracay seas. Attached to a parachute, flying like a kite over the ocean on New Year's Eve will totally blow your mind. No need to worry because it's an easy activity and won't need professional skills. Price starts at PhP2,000 which is good for two people. Tag your sibling or friend and fly away!

Braving cliff diving

Spending the new year with your friends? Make sure to pack a lot of courage and jump at Boracay’s cliff diving points. You can choose from diving boards and platforms as low as 3 meters to as high as 15 meters. Hear the spectators cheer as you plunge to the water. Enjoy that rockstar vibe!

You may also enjoy other activities like kayaking and paddleboarding. Be sure to book your spot as it gets filled up quickly.

Explore Boracay by island hopping

Explore the newly rehabilitated Boracay by island hopping. Whether you're traveling solo or with family and friends, it's a cheap and hassle-free option to see the island. You'd get to explore places like the Crystal Cove, Magic Island, Bulabog Beach, Diniwid Beach, and Crocodile Island. Feel free to customize your island hopping itinerary. Prices may range from PhP1,500 to PhP2,000 depending on the inclusions.

Under the sea: Experience free diving

Take a glimpse of Boracay's treasure under the sea by free diving with your family. It's different from scuba diving as you won't have to dive with heavy equipment. Everyone can freedive as this activity includes a freediving course fit for those who don't have any experience in diving. The course might take two days to finish which is perfect for the upcoming long weekend. So swim around and fulfill your mermaid dreams on New Year's Eve.

Indulge in an R&R-filled day

Ending an eventful year with simple relaxation sounds like a good idea. After an adventure-filled morning, resort to a more peaceful activity in the afternoon at Alta Vista De Boracay, one of the top-rated hotels and accommodations in Boracay. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, your family will definitely get the peace and calm they need to unwind before jumping into the new year. Here are other rest and relaxation (R&R) activities perfect for NYE.

Relax your body with a massage

Boracay has a lot of spa and wellness centers where you can relax your mind and body. Indulge in a refreshing massage, facials, body scrub, wrap treatments, and everything to pamper you on your me-time. You may opt to go to luxurious spa centers or have an amazing view of the beach where you can enjoy affordable, beach massage. Either way, both options release stress and relax your body.

Chill with the family at Puka Beach

But of course, it won't be a Boracay trip if you don’t enjoy Puka Beach. A beach station away from the crowd, Puka Beach offers a solemn and peaceful environment that is perfect for your family's New Year's Eve getaway. It is close to Alta Vista De Boracay which makes it an ideal location. Enjoy Puka Beach's quiet vibe, listen to the crashing waves against the shore, and bathe under the sun.

Marvel at 2018's last sunset

Another way to enjoy Puka Beach is to marvel at its romantic sunset over dinner. It's a perfect time for you to reflect on the things that happened this year and be grateful for the blessings you received. A little throwback, while you watch Boracay's sunset, is something that can help you prepare for the adventures that 2019 will bring. Don’t miss the last sunset of the year!

Feast on Boracay's delicacies

Ooh la la! Fill your stomach with the island's best meals. Satisfying your palates before the year ends is a way to reward yourself for all the hard work you've done in 2018. Here are some of the places in Boracay where you can feast.

Discover Alta Vista De Boracay restaurants

Enjoy both local and foreign cuisines at Alta Veranda of Alta Vista De Boracay. It is located on one of the island's highest peaks which will give you a breathtaking view as you eat. Choose from its delectable menu and savor the cafe's specialties. Try their deep fried marinated beef, kare-kare, and crispy beef ribs.

You'd also wouldn't want to miss another restaurant at the resort, the L'Altura. With a food selection prepared by talented chefs, you'll definitely enjoy authentic and fresh seafood on your table.

Enjoy more Aklanon cuisine

Try authentic Aklanon delicacies at D'Talipapa Seafood Market. Wow yourself with various seafood such as univalves, bivalves, fishes, and lobsters at affordable prices. There are eateries around the area that your friends and family will definitely enjoy. It will also let you experience the local culture more when you visit the market. Seafood for Media Noche? Why not!

3-2-1 Countdown with a blast!

Welcoming 2019 with fireworks and celebrations are important to welcome the new year with good luck and repel bad fortunes. Boracay is known for its parties, and you'll surely enjoy its colorful nightlife. Just make sure that you're partying responsibly as there are new rules implemented on the island. Enjoy a magnificent view of Boracay's dazzling fireworks display at Alta Vista De Boracay. Since it is located on top of a hill, you'll get a breathtaking 360-degree view of the fireworks.

How’s that to end the year?