28 MAY, 2018


You’ve been to Boracay so many times it’s hard to keep count. And the place is still so beautiful it always feels like the first time. Why don’t you capture the experience on video? It’s all worth showing to the world, don’t you think? Plus it’s simply fun to capture those wonderful moments. You can have fun directing your own travel docu-series. Don’t worry if you have zero experience in creating a travel vlog. Here are travel vlog tips to get you on the right track.

Film only the moments that count

It’s a rookie mistake — trying to film everything during the trip. You’ll only end up with many useless footages. Worse, you’ll find yourself spending so much time glued to the camera that you fail to live in the moment. Be selective when it comes to shooting scenes. Before going on the trip, picture the places you will be visiting and the areas you’d like to capture. Adopt the mindset of a director while playing the part of the screenwriter at the same time. Picture scenes in your mind and try to make it happen once you’ve reached Boracay. Needless to say, this should only serve as a framework and should not keep you from doing spontaneous things.

Adopt a theme for your vlog

It’s what filmmakers and storytellers do: adopt a theme to make their work more captivating. You can do the same for your vlog. How about a vlog that features less known destinations in Boracay? Did you know there are seventeen beaches in Boracay? Most people are only familiar with the world famous White Beach. Introduce them to the rustic and beautiful Puka Beach. Stretching 800 meters long, Puka Beach has a cliff at its front and a forest along its side. At dusk, you can catch flying foxes taking its nocturnal flight across the top of the cliff.

There are also two “secret beaches” worth visiting. They are located near Ilig-Iligan and Tambisaan and are known for their untouched beauty. They are hidden from the public view and are not accessible via any road. The great part is that you’ll have to walk through a beautiful forest to reach the secret beach near Tambisaan. You also get to enjoy the beaches to yourself! These are the kinds of moments worth capturing on camera.

In keeping with the theme, you can stay at a resort that offers an exclusive escape. Alta Vista de Boracay puts you at a comfortable distance from the island’s party scene. Located on one of the highest peaks in Boracay, the upscale resort offers magnificent views that are worth capturing on video.

Open your vlog with an establishing shot

You can make the message of your vlog more effective by putting things in perspective. Pro videographers always feature an establishing shot that shows the bigger picture. You can use this shot to introduce Boracay as the world-class destination that it is. This is the best time to feature White Beach, the island’s main attraction. You can then do your segue and talk about the locations that are off the beaten track. People will love learning about the new spots they may never have heard of before.

Center your vlog around specific activities

There’s a variety of directions your vlog can take. Many opt to go chronological. You can stand out by making videos that are centered around specific activities people could do in a location.

The Bulabog Bay is the ideal wind and kitesurfing spot, particularly during windy season from November to April. Diniwid Beach is perfect for sunset relaxation. Tambisaan Beach, with its rich marine life, is the place to be if you are into snorkeling. If you are confident with your swimming abilities, the rugged and wild Ilig-Iligan Beach is just the spot for you. If you’d like to experience secluded dining, head over to Balinghai Beach where you can have your dinner right next to the water. A small beach that is accessible only during low tide, you’ll have the Balinghai Beach to yourself when you visit it.

Keep your vlogs short and engaging

Something you have to keep in mind: people start to lose interest in a video once it has reached the three-minute mark. It’s best to keep your vlogs within this timeframe. You should also limit each segment to 30 minutes. People are bombarded with a lot of videos on social media. They’d just as soon move on to the next vlog if they find your piece dragging. Adjusting to your viewers’ limited attention span will let you gain more eyeballs. Shorter videos will also let you capture the essence of what you are trying to portray.

Don’t shy away from showing more of yourself

It’s easy to get shy in front of the camera, especially if there are people stopping to watch you. Learn to ignore this and just give it your best. There are so many videos in social media. Having an actual person behind your video will give it an edge. And don’t be afraid to get goofy or to be less than perfect on camera. People on social media appreciate authenticity and they will love you for it. Plus, they would want to hear your personal perspective on a travel destination. That’s sure to earn you a lot of views.

Feature other people in your vlog

Vlogs are always more engaging when there are other people in it. So make sure you include your travel buddies in your videos. And take the time to talk to the locals and other people you meet during your trip. Ask them questions. Some great conversations starters are asking people about the location and finding out how they feel about it. Don’t hesitate to show your own and other people’s unique personalities. You don’t have to act like a sprightly host on TV. Just be yourself and encourage the same from the people you are talking to. Your viewers will love the candid moments.

Show things from your perspective

Try not to produce just another travel video. Make it more engaging by focusing on your own personality and point of view. Add clips that are taken from your perspective. Your viewers will love the vicarious experience your vlog will give them. Also, it boils down to the fact that people on social media prefer authenticity and the point of view of real people. Use that to your advantage.

Whether you’re planning your next summer getaway or your holiday trip come December, these travel vlog tips will come in handy. Some experiences and places are just worth capturing on video.