07 FEBRUARY, 2019


Don’t you just love the #FollowMe posts on Instagram? It’s so romantic that many couples have used it for their prenuptial photoshoot. If you want to have the same lovely photos for your prenup or as a keepsake this Valentine’s day, you need to take a look at these couple photoshoot ideas.

Play with the sand

Photo courtesy of Ibrahim Asad via Pexels.com

In every prenup photoshoot, you would want to make the most of the venue. Why? Well, you’re already spending a lot for the permit, food, transportation, and accommodations. So start with the beach itself. There are plenty of pictures that can be taken here like the #FollowMe footsteps on the sand, play with silhouettes, or do the good old hugging pose.

These shots are best done early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the light is soft and adds drama to the picture. You can also change the perspective with the help of a drone and get a good shot even when the light is harsh (see picture above).

Make a splash

Photo courtesy of Hieu Hoang via Pexels.com

Want to show the world how much fun you and your special someone have? Why not play in the shallow area of the beach and splash each other with water? It’s a good and clean way to capture the fun you have when you’re in each other’s company.

Swim in your gown/suit

Photo courtesy of Edward Eyer via Pexels.com

Unleash your inner Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling and copy the iconic beach scene in “The Notebook.” as they chase birds and splash in the water. You can top it off with a romantic kiss in your gown/suit. But, hey, who’s stopping you from wearing a bikini or swimming trunks. There are no real rules in a prenup.

Let the waves do the art

Photo courtesy of George Desipris via Pexels.com

No matter how chaotic it may look, waves can produce beautiful art when captured in the right moment and condition. Why not use it as your backdrop during your beach prenuptial photoshoot? Photographs like this can be used as invitations or welcome cards for your wedding.

Take a boat ride

Photo courtesy of Arthur Ogleznev via Pexels.com

Boracay is surrounded by water. Go the extra mile and rent a boat all to yourselves and the camera crew. You can take surfer-inspired shoots with simple beach clothing. You can also rent a yacht and wear your best wardrobe for a posh look. After all, most of us get married just once so why not go all out and make the best out of it.

Watersports should be part of any beach photoshoot

Photo courtesy of Sebastian Voortman via Pexels.com

Are you both adrenaline junkies? If yes, then watersports should definitely be part of your beach prenup. Maybe grab a couple of surfboards and ride the waves or ride a jet ski together. It may take a little bit of the romance off from the pictures, but what matters here is that you both show how happy and in love you are.

Stand on the ledge

Photo courtesy of Jacub Gomez via Pexels.com

One of the best beach photoshoot ideas for couples who love to get their heart pumping with adrenaline is to find the nearest cliff that you can legally and safely jump off. Luckily, you and your partner can go to Ariel’s point in Boracay to cliff dive. You can jump from as low as three meters to as high as fifteen, whatever can quench your thirst for adventure.

Go for the survivor look at Puka beach

Photo courtesy of Ibrahim Asad via Pexels.com

Don’t like to have the same photographs like the others who had a beach prenup? Take things to another level and have a survivor themed shoot at Puka beach. Although there may be plenty of tourists during its peak season, if your photographer can work an angle you’ll surely come out with great images when you get back home.

Let the sun do the work

Photo courtesy of Ibrahim Asad via Pexels.com

Ever wanted those dreamy photographs blanketed with the orange rays of the sun? During the golden hour of photography (usually dawn and/or dusk), you can use the sun to produce such effects on your photographs. Moreover, a little tweaking in the settings of the camera and you can get beautiful silhouettes. A lot of this is left to the photographer’s skills so make sure you get someone good.

Light up the night

Photo courtesy of John Paul Tyrone Fernandez via Pexels.com

Nothing can be more romantic in photographs than a scene captured with fireworks in the background. Sadly, the new rules in Boracay may prevent you from doing this. Instead of buying fireworks that fly in the sky, purchase sparklers. It’s a lot safer and most probably legal to use in certain areas of the island. Light up the night with a couple of these babies or stick it to the ground for an even more creative image.

It’s party time

Photo courtesy of Wendy Wei via Pexels.com

While most of the couples in your circle would like something romantic, you can always try something a little bit more edgy like having your prenup done in a bar. You can either ask for permission from the bar itself. It will, however, look staged or it may intimidate your partner or the people around you. Another option would be to go guerilla and bring low key camera equipment and leave everything to the skills of your photographer to capture the rawness of partying together with your special someone.

Use Alta Vista de Boracay amenities

Photo courtesy of Alta Vista de Boracay

If you don’t want to go through all that hassle of applying for permits from different places, why not book a few nights at Alta Vista de Boracay and have your prenup there. This hotel has an infinity pool and a viewing deck, giving you a commanding view of Boracay. You can do your cinematic sunset shots here and still have enough time for a posh themed shoot in one go.

The walkway in between the buildings, too, can give that elegant scene a perfect location for your gown and suit photoshoot. There’s also a bar and karaoke room if you want to go edgy and funny, respectively.

There are plenty of places and themes you can do for your prenup in Boracay – especially if it’s done during Valentine’s day. Just make sure that you have a good photographer with you and take a look at the Alta Vista de Boracay blog.