23 JULY, 2018


Traveling is increasingly becoming more trendy, and for good reason. More and more people are starting to realize its enormous benefits — from broadening one’s mind to making memories that bring real joy. Are you a traveler yourself? Already preparing for your next vacation at Alta Vista de Boracay? If yes, then you’d better stack up on essential travel gears. Moreover, you should learn which ones you shouldn’t skimp on. Here’s a list of the traveling gears worth investing on.

Repack your favorite toiletries in leak-proof travel bottles

Sure, Alta Vista de Boracay never fails to prepare the toiletries you would need for a good bath. But who does away with their favorite brands, right? You don’t want to be carrying around huge bottles though. Not only will they consume space and make your luggage heavier, they may also cause you problems at the airport. Bottles over 100ml may be confiscated if you have them in your carry-on bag. So be ready with smaller travel bottles for your must-haves. And don’t just go for any cheaper brands. The last thing you need is your shampoo or lotion spilling all over your stuff because one of your tiny bottles broke. Or you chose those that are not leak-free! They’re of great quality and will last longer. The cheaper options break too easily and are basically disposable, so they’re more costly in the long run.

Store your cosmetic products in handy travel containers

It also pays to have special containers for your cosmetic products. Travel cosmetic containers are perfect for that. They’re made of silicone so they’re unbreakable and squeezable. These small containers are ideal for thick liquids. You may also use them for small items like pills.

Choose class and quality with hanging toiletry bags

Same goes for your toiletry bag! Avoid going on the cheap for this one. Not only will you love the sight of your high-quality toiletry bag, but it will last longer as well. You can’t go wrong with this one.

Secure your gadgets with an electronics organizer

Here’s something you could use beyond just your travels. You carry your gadgets around on a daily basis so it’s best to invest in a high-quality organizer that can withstand the rough and tough of everyday commute. The electronics organizer lets you carry chargers, cables, SD cards, and other essentials in a durable handy case that you could easily slip into your carry-on or laptop bag. It has a waterproof exterior that ensures your gadgets are well-protected, plus it has elastic straps and mesh zippered pockets to keep everything in place.

Safeguard your valuables with an anti-theft messenger bag

Touristy areas can be a magnet for petty thieves, so it’s best to keep your belongings safe. There is so much to explore in Boracay that you may find yourself out and about a lot. Beyond just the beaches, there are nearby museums and villages to check out. So be prepared with an anti-theft messenger bag. This smart cross-body bag boasts a slash-proof structure and cut-proof strap that you can adjust so it fits your body perfectly. You get to move around freely without worrying about your stuff.

Bring your work with you using a carry-all tote bag

Are you the type who likes to squeeze in some work while traveling? Then a carry-all tote bag is a must-have for you. It has a padded compartment to hold your laptop and inside panels for your glasses, phone, and pens. It also includes a removable key pouch. Its nylon twill material makes it durable and its leather trimming gives it a classic look.

Get a good night’s sleep with a white noise machine

Do you plan to share your room or loft at Alta Vista de Boracay with your family or friends? To make sure you get a good night’s sleep in spite of the noise people inside the room may be making, you can take a white noise machine with you. It’s gained the recognition of National Sleep Foundation, ensuring high quality. The machine simulates the sound of rushing air. It lets you adjust the volume and tone to your preference.

Bring a handy camera

What’s a trip to Boracay without taking high-quality photos to capture its beauty? For your next trip to the island, make sure you bring a compact camera. Lightweight and ultra-slim, a pocket-size camera is perfectly handy. It has preset picture styles, built-in adjustments, and a touch-panel LCD for a first-rate picture taking experience.

Keep your gadgets powered with a trusty power bank

One of the worst things that could happen to you while you’re in Boracay is to see the best sunset ever only to realize that your camera has run out of juice. And so has your smartphone! You must be able to readily recharge your gadgets even while you’re on the go.

Silk travel sheets

Head over to the nearby Pukka Beach and lounge on the beach. The place is much quieter than White Beach, making it perfect for relaxing. To make the experience extra luxuriant, take silk travel sheets with you. The washable sheets can be used as an extra layer for your sleeping bag, adding more softness to it. You can also use it as an extra layer for your bed so you get even better sleep at night.

Stay comfortable with a lumbar pillow

And of course, you need the perfect pillow for a comfortable travel experience. The lumbar pillow is great for planes, cars or anywhere you’d like to lounge. It’s great for keeping your lower back comfortable and reducing the strain of sitting for too long. A lumbar pillow, though more expensive, makes up for the higher price with its lightweight and easy-to-pack design. It also comes with a machine-washable cover.

Collapsible water bottles

You need water to stay hydrated while traveling. This helps ensure you won’t get tired too easily. So make sure you take a collapsible water bottle the next time you travel to Boracay. It’s easy to carry around because of its leak-proof, compact design. It combines form and function in a cool package — definitely worth the extra price you will be paying!

Investing on travel accessories is simply worth it. Start prepping your traveling must-haves if you are planning to go to Boracay. Time flies and before you know it your favorite travel destination is once again open!