02 MARCH, 2020


When did you last have a good vacation? If you don’t remember, this might be a sign that you need to book an awesome Boracay trip, as soon as possible. After all, you’ll reap great health benefits of going to the beach, like reducing stress. So, even a quick beach trip may do wonders for your health.

Photo courtesy of Tamara Bellis via Unsplash

If you’re still not convinced that you need a trip pronto, look out for these tell-tale signs that you desperately need to go. 

1. You feel that you just really need a quick beach trip

It could be as simple as that, no logical explanation needed. Your heart, mind, and soul are collectively telling you to go to the beach; and you are already in beach trip planning mode. Give in to that urge already!

2. You start to visit Boracay trip websites

You check out Boracay trip promos in your free time. You even browse the amenities of a luxurious resort, like the Alta Vista de Boracay, and marvel at how beautiful the place is. You begin to make a mental list of all the fun beach activities that you’re going to do once you reach Boracay. 

3. You don’t know what to do with your vacation leaves

Photo courtesy of NORTHFOLK via Unsplash

You got 10 days worth of vacation leave, and you haven’t filed one–which is one of the clear signs you need a vacation. You might not know what to do with them and where to go. Then this is one of the simple reasons to book your travel now. Book those leaves early for a fantastic beach road trip.

4. You haven’t posted anything on social media for months 

Photo courtesy of Tracy Le Blanc via Pexels

Check the date when you last posted pictures from a beach road trip with friends. Wait, has it been one year ago already? Catch up with your friends now and make new memories in Boracay. 

5. You start to dream everything about your beach trip 

Photo courtesy of Khachik Simonian via Unsplash

You basically start to dream of everything about your dream Boracay trip. You think about booking accommodation and enjoying the picturesque view of the sea and the mountains from this sophisticated resort. This is all you think about during your break time at work. 

6. Your suitcases are becoming storage for extra stuff at home

Your sturdy suitcase is not on your list of beach trip essentials anymore. It’s currently on your list of storage essentials for your old clothes or files at home. Clear that suitcase and start packing awesome OOTDs or outfits of the day for a memorable Boracay vacation.

7. You keep looking at other people’s vacation pictures

Photo courtesy of Thom Holmes via Unsplash

You start to envy your co-worker’s beach trip with friends while looking at their pictures. You still can’t stop looking at it and start to imagine how amazing it would be if that were you and your friends or you and your family. You also begin to marvel at how cool they look in their beach outfits. 

8. Everything seems to be noisy in your life

You don’t have anything planned in your life, but you feel that everything in your life is a mess. Everything seems to irritate you; even the sound of your keyboard at work is beginning to tick you off. Maybe it’s time for a Boracay trip; so you can enjoy the sound of the ocean waves, don’t you think?

9. You are starting to get sick

Photo courtesy of Laurynas Mereckas via Unsplash

This week, you had a persistent headache. The week after that, you had a fever. Seriously, these may be physical signs of work stress that won’t be cured by repeatedly drinking medicine and vitamins. What you need is to get those beach trip packages to take some time off work. 

10. You start to hate your routine

Photo courtesy of Christian Erfurt via Pexels

You’ve hit the snooze button on your phone alarm three to five times. You dread getting your cup of coffee or hot chocolate to work, when it used to be your favorite thing during weekdays. You already dread what the day would be like, while you are still in your pajamas and contemplating if you should take a day off. 

11. You begin to have a negative outlook

Photo courtesy of Kinga Cichewicz via Unsplash

Everything just seems to go wrong in your life at the moment. You highlight every negative thing that happens, or you immediately picture that bad things will happen to you. Something as simple as not getting your favorite milk tea flavor makes you sad. Take a deep breath, and go on a beach trip planning mode, if this is how you are these days. 

12. Your co-workers keep asking you if you’re okay

Sometimes, it just shows on your face. In just one glance, people can already tell if you are tired or if you have a problem. Worse yet, they might even tell you to go on that Boracay trip that you plan to go to because it looks like you really need it. 

13. You are starting to hate your job, even if it’s your dream job 

Photo courtesy of Tim Gouw via Unsplash

You forget why you even dream of this job, in the first place. You forgot all the efforts you did just to get this job. At some point, you feel that this job that you’ve always dreamed of has become boring and annoying to you. This isn’t a good sign. Ignite the passion you have for your dream job by going on a quick beach trip to Boracay. 

14. You no longer take care of yourself, like you used to

When you were new at work, you’d go to work looking smart and casual. You always want to look your best, no matter how stressful your job is. These days, you don’t even care if your clothes look like you just yanked them out of the closet. Seriously, go pack those beach trip outfits now; so that you can reconsider your work OOTDs once you’re back from vacation. 

Going on a beach trip may not be your priority right now. You may simply say that regardless of its health benefits, it’s expensive and it’s better to just work than spend. Think about it, though. It’s a nice reward for all the stressful demands that you struggle to meet every day. So, don’t hesitate to go on new travel adventures simply because you deserve it. 

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