27 NOVEMBER, 2018


In this age of technology, people rarely ever disconnect anymore. Everyone is glued to their phone and is missing out on the wonderful things happening all around them. Avoid this by going off the grid every now and then. How about having an unplugged vacation in Boracay? Make your next Boracay travel a digital detox vacation. Having a tech-free vacation is also a great way to make the most out of your stay at Alta Vista de Boracay. Here are more reasons to have an unplugged vacation.

Blast from the past

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Ever wondered what it was like to live without a smartphone? If you’re old enough, you may have lived through it. The very thought of those good old days may be giving you nostalgia. If you’ve lived with smartphones your whole life, you can experience what it was like for people in the past. Those older than you would tell you just how magical it was: experiencing life in the here and now.

Disconnect from issues

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Going off the grid will allow you to disconnect not only from the Internet but from people and their issues. If the distress calls often come from your office, you might have to rethink your position at work. It’s always better to provide value than to be the person who frequently puts out the fire. Being in constant stress can take a toll on your health and is not the way to live.

Tune in to the people you love

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Blocking the noise out will let you tune in to the people you actually care about, be it your significant other, your family or your friends. There is no better way to improve relationships than to lend an ear. Besides, wouldn’t it be nice to finally hear what your spouse, kids, and friends are actually saying?

It will grow on you

You may feel uncomfortable at first. But give it around three days. You’ll soon realize that life is much better without the noise of social media and the nonstop buzzing of emails and text messages. It is much less stressful!

Shopping the old-fashioned way

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Having a vacation is about breaking out of your routine. It will feel great to actually walk into a store and pay for what you need in cash. Online shopping or paying using your e-wallet is convenient, but something about shopping in small-town stores is more personal.

Drink it all in

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Going off the grid will allow you to enjoy the gorgeous sights of Boracay. You get to make a lot more beautiful memories when your eyes are not glued to your phone. Traveling without a phone won’t be too hard when you are staying in a place as stunning as Alta Vista de Boracay. From its vantage point on a Boracay mountain peak, you’ll be able to drink in the wondrous beauty of nature.

Practice mindfulness

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Being in the moment will allow you to practice mindfulness. Focusing your attention on experiences happening in the present moment can bring about enormous benefits. Research shows that mindfulness can improve a person’s general well-being, physical vigor, and mental health. Mindfulness is best developed through constant meditation. Putting your phone aside is a great start.

Engage in meaningful conversations

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Virtual messages and chat rooms have nothing on real-life face-to-face conversations. Everyone should have more of this, especially so if you are on vacation. Going away to a new place lets you take a break from your everyday life. Time stands still, and you get more opportunities to delve into meaningful conversations. Talk about what stirs your heart and what gets you out of bed in the morning right under the beautiful starry skies of Boracay.

Avoid distracted texting

In order to enjoy your vacation more, you should avoid distracted texting or being too preoccupied with your mobile phone. Don’t miss out on the beautiful surroundings and the special bonding you can have with your friends and families.  Practice not checking your phone every minute to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Use your brain more

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Not relying on your phone for directions or calculations will force you to rely on your own brainpower. This will then give you opportunities to exercise your brain. The old “use it or lose it” adage applies to the brain. On the other hand, the more you use your brain the sharper it will get. So take the chance to give your brain a much-needed neurobics and rely on it to calculate all your payments or bills throughout the vacation.

Avoid those conference calls

It’s much easier to ignore conference calls when you have zero access to your phone, or at least to the Internet. Instead of spending hours in a meeting, you can try the exciting water sports in Boracay instead. Windsurfing, standup paddling, and diving are only a few of the Boracay adventure activities worth trying.

Get out of that slump

You may not realize it, but your smartphone could be putting you in a bad mood. Your impatience and irritated demeanor could be stemming from the negative feelings social media sometimes causes. Smartphones can also cause addiction, resulting in withdrawal symptoms when you’re not constantly checking it.

Rekindle the romance

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If you are traveling with your significant other, this will be a good time to rekindle the romance. Do things you love to do together and pour all your attention into it. You both will remember why you fell in love with each other. It will all be sparkles and bliss throughout the trip. Vacations for couples to reconnect can definitely help rekindle the romance.

Meet new people

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If your nose is not always buried in your phone, you will have better chances of  meeting new people. If you are single, you may even finally meet the love of your life. Or you could simply meet new friends who could be your next travel buddies. Either way, it will be all worth it.

Take the chance to recharge

Off-the-grid vacations will give you a real opportunity to unwind and feel refreshed. By the time your vacation is over, you’d have recharged thoroughly. You’d be better equipped to face the daily grind once again.

Make your next Boracay travel an unplugged vacation. You’ll love the benefits that come with a digital detox vacation so much, you’ll crave more of it.