06 FEBRUARY, 2020


Planning out your trips can be pretty tricky, especially when you’re thinking of traveling solo. Solo travel, especially solo female travel, can be unfairly risky, and since you won’t be traveling with anyone you might feel a little lonely.

But there are tons of great reasons why you should go for that Boracay vacation.

Traveling alone means you can do whatever you want, meet new people, and be independent. As a solo backpacker, you can move at your own pace and discover something new about yourself. Traveling alone can be a really memorable experience, and visiting Boracay is more fun than you can even imagine.

Photo courtesy of Vaibhav Kashyap via Pexels

There are also tons of fun Boracay activities for solo travelers. From island-hopping and parasailing to cliff-diving, you don’t need to go around with a huge group of people to have fun in one of the world’s most iconic beach travel destinations. Have fun as the locals do and you won’t feel lonely traveling all by yourself. You might even learn new skills and discover new things about yourself.

Excited to reach your dream destination? Make sure to check out this ultimate Boracay travel guide first to know how to enjoy your vacation all on your own.

1. Double-check everything

It can get pretty confusing when you plan your ultimate vacation on your own. Always double-check everything, like your flight information, hotel details, and even your emergency contacts. It may seem like an unnecessary chore, but double-checking is crucial. If you miss out on something important, you may be forced to shell out more cash to make up for whatever it was you forgot in the first place. 

2. Have a Plan B

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Another important thing to keep in mind is to always have a plan B. Your baggage got left behind? Have someone back home on standby so that they can help get your bags to you. Your hotel booking fell through? Keep the numbers of reliable hotels, like Alta Vista De Boracay, in mind so that you can get in touch with them right away. Scared to lose your valuables? Label all of them with your name, e-mail, and contact numbers in case a good Samaritan found them. 

You can never be too sure with traveling, especially if you’re doing it alone. It’s always good to be prepared so your vacation won’t be ruined.

3. Plan it how you want it

Photo courtesy of drunker via Pixabay

One of the best things about traveling solo in Boracay is that you can do whatever you want on your vacation. Why not join island-hopping tours with complete strangers? Not only do you save on the cost of the tour package, but you make new friends along the way, too. Join these new friends on thrilling activities! Cliff-dive together at Ariel’s Point, go parasailing for around Php2,000 for two, try flyfishing for just Php400, or go banana boating for Php250. Consider joining complete strangers on the Boracay Pub Crawl, too. Bar-hop with 30 or more people for just Php690. 

Not up to socializing? You can enjoy a relaxing massage on the beach for around Php300, or enjoy the quiet of the beautiful sunsets of the island. You can go on a food trip on your own. Street food like hotdogs, barbecue, corn, balut, and isaw are sold all over the island, with prices as low as Php50. Get fresh seafood from D’Talipapa, or delicious home-cooked food from Plato D Boracay for less than Php100. End your meal with refreshing shakes from Jonah’s Fruit Shake and Snack Bar. You can do any of these when you go on an adventure on your own. You can do whatever you want without needing to plan around other people.

4. Enjoy at your own pace

Photo courtesy of Engin Akyurt via Pexels

You don’t need to worry too much about getting around either. Unless you’re going island-hopping or joining other tours, the main ways of getting around Boracay are walking and riding tricycles.

Tricycle rides are only Php10 per person for regular trips, and Php60 for special trips, so they won’t weigh too heavily on your wallet. Adventures around the island are always fun, whether it’s your first or hundredth time there. Just make sure to plan your trip the way you want it. Your vacation is in your hands—choose your adventure wisely.

5. Pack light

Photo courtesy of Kristina Paukshtite via Pexels

Since you’re getting around Boracay on your own, you’ll be responsible for all the items you bring. Do you really want to be hauling three different bulky bags on your trip? Bring only your essentials, like clothes, toiletries, and electronics, and leave the things you don’t need behind. Need help? Here’s a guide on how to pack light for your travels.

This also helps you save on additional charges for check-in bags when you fly. Whether you’re going to be a backpacker or luxuriating in a hotel, you’d never want to be carrying more things than you need.

6. Get insured

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No matter where you go or what you’re bringing though, always remember to purchase insurance. Get that insurance before leaving for your beach travel, because even if you’re the most careful person in the world, you never know what could happen on your trip. 

There’s no need to stress about it too much since there are tons of guides to insurance and how to pick the right policies. But always remember to get insurance so that you’re not worrying about other things on your amazing vacation.

7. Let the stress go and have fun!

Photo courtesy of Vincent Gerbouin via Pexels

You’ve double-checked everything. You have your plan B. You’ve set your itinerary. You have your insurance. You’re finally packed and ready to go. Do you know what to do when you travel? Do you know your Boracay travel guide by heart? Then the very last tip you need as a solo traveler is just to have fun!

There’s no point in preparing all these things if you’re not going to have fun along the way. No matter how many lists you read on the do’s and don’ts of Boracay travel, as long as you prepared beforehand you should just let go of the worry and just have fun. 

You’re going to be traveling alone on the most iconic beach in the country. That’s a huge thing on anyone’s bucket list. As daunting as it seems, it’s also a pretty exciting prospect. There’s no doubt that you’ll have the most memorable time of your life, no matter what happens along the way.