17 OCTOBER, 2018


What better way to celebrate the Ber months than to go for an R&R in the world's most beautiful island? Boracay will reopen in October after a 6-month environmental rehabilitation. The government aims to bring back the pristine island it once was. Experience the new Boracay before the ends.

The Ber months are considered lean season across beach destinations in the country. Save for Christmas, which entices people to head out-of-town, the beach isn't a top choice of destination during the colder Ber months. However, there are compelling reasons why you should fly to Boracay this season. You can score amazing discounts, enjoy crowd-free tourist spots, do outdoor activities, among others.

Here are 9 reasons why people should visit Boracay these Ber months.

1: See the new and better Boracay

Photo courtesy of KuyaAndy via Pixabay

Everybody's excited to see and experience the new Boracay. In 2018, the government closed down tourist destinations for a 6-month rehabilitation. There will be fewer establishments, as those non-compliant with environmental regulations faced closure, but it's expected that the white-sand island is cleaner.

Bar hopping and wild parties may soon be in Boracay's past. And this is good. It's time to renew the pristine beauty of the island as an eco-tourist spot.

2: Relax in a more laid-back atmosphere

Photo courtesy of banyanman via Pixabay

If you've been used to Boracay as a party destination, you might be surprised by the more laid-back atmosphere. The government has announced that the number of tourists will be limited to about 6,405 per day until further notice. The limit will be imposed to sustain the island's “carrying capacity.” Moreover, tourist stay will be for a maximum of 3 days, to avoid overcrowding.

Fewer crowds mean that you get to relax in a more peaceful environment. In Alta Vista de Boracay, you can enjoy the natural beauty of Boracay atop one of the highest peaks on the island. This premier condotel in Puka Beach features an infinity pool that overlooks all the majestic greens and blues in Boracay.

#3: Score amazing discounts on flights

Photo courtesy of PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay

Fewer people go on vacation during the lean season. In beach destinations, this period covers the wet months of June to October, but with the Siberian wind blowing from November to February, tourists tend to avoid the waters and head to warmer places. The weak demand drives down transport and accommodation prices.

You can score amazing discounts on airplane tickets in the Ber months ahead. Start browsing websites of budget airlines and travel agencies.

4: Snap up accommodation special packages

Photo courtesy of Alta Vista de Boracay

You should know that most accommodations in Boracay are fully booked on the weekend following the island's reopening. The government ordered the closure of many establishments including hotels, resorts, and inns. There are only about 2,000 rooms available until more establishments are able to comply with environmental regulations.

Despite the fewer supply of rooms, you can still expect special promos on accommodations for the Ber months. The colder weather typically discourages people from traveling to beach destinations. You can use this to your advantage. Book rooms for your barkada in Alta Vista de Boracay and celebrate Christmas in style without breaking the bank.

5: Destress with outdoor Boracay activities

Photo courtesy of jahcordova via Pixabay

Tourists pass up beach trips during the Ber months because of the colder weather. You should admit, taking a dip in cool water isn't exactly enticing. However, there are so many Boracay activities other than swimming and surfing. You can do island hopping, trekking, and spelunking.

Be informed that certain outdoor activities are temporarily prohibited. Most water sports including diving aren't allowed when Boracay reopens. “Anchors, divers, and other water activities have contributed to the destruction of corals and marine biodiversity in Boracay because these were unregulated for the past 20 years,” according to environment top official Sherwin Rigor.

6: Go on a food crawl

Photo courtesy of Mekong via Pixabay

Ber month or not, Boracay is one of the country's top gastronomic destinations. Are you craving for Korean BBQ? What about fresh seafood in sushi and tempura? The island paradise has got you covered. Seafood dishes are a must-try during your vacation. You can either go to top-rated restaurants or head to the popular D'Talipapa where you buy fresh seafood, vegetable and other ingredients and have a nearby restaurant cook per your instructions. Enjoy mouthwatering buttered shrimps, lobsters, and grilled salmon.

For sinfully good desserts, visit L'Altura Restaurant in Alta Vista de Boracay. Try the Filipino Dessert Sampler, a twist on local favorites buko pandan, turon, and champorado.

#7: Experience a real escape from your daily stressors

Photo courtesy of Free-Photos via Pixabay

The government is imposing tighter rules in Boracay to preserve the ecosystem in this island paradise. This is good for everyone. Now you can look forward to a truly relaxing vacation. Tables, chairs and massage beds, as well as parties,  will no longer be allowed on the beachfront. The prohibitions can help ensure a clutter-free environment or at least one with a more manageable waste disposal system.

The Ber months is a good time to treat yourself to a vacation away from your daily stressors. If you live in a congested city, flying to a crowded island won't be doing much to your mental wellness.

8: Book a Boracay hotel for your family reunion

Photo courtesy of Alta Vista de Boracay

The Philippines celebrates the longest yuletide season in the Christian world. Filipinos begin hanging Christmas decorations as early as September, or the beginning of the Ber months. As the days pass by, people get absorbed with their Christmas party plans. Many venues in key cities are already booked by November.

Fly your family to Boracay for your Christmas reunion. While most families are gathering in their ancestral homes, hotels or restaurants, you can treat yourselves to a reunion like no other. Alta Vista de Boracay has a function hall that can accommodate 60 people. If you have a smaller group, you can have a night of singing and dancing in the well-equipped Karaoke Room

Snap up room discounts by booking as early as you can.

#9: Be an environmental advocate

Photo courtesy of Free-Photos via Pixabay

If there's a noble reason why you should visit Boracay this Ber season, it's to help promote the eco-friendly initiatives to preserve the island and other destinations in the country. Local and foreign tourists are excited to fly to Boracay and the government can use your help in spreading the word on how to be a responsible tourist.

You can post tips on the places to visit and activities to do, keeping in mind the new regulations in Boracay. Share photos and info with your friends on social media.

End the year with a memorable vacation in the Philippines' most popular island. Start booking a flight and accommodation for your Ber month R&R.