29 AUGUST, 2019


Traveling on business might be one of the last reasons why people would want to travel. Business trips usually involve client meetings, discussions with the company’s teams in another country, or company events and conferences. No matter how limited your time is, there are advantages to business travel. These include having the opportunity to explore your travel destination and visit tourist spots you haven’t been to.

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In this article, learn how you can make the most out of your business trip without compromising your tight schedule. If you are in a business career that requires travel and you have an upcoming trip, read on and take notes. You will learn first-hand the best business travel tips that will help you enjoy and relax, even while on official business.

1. Prepare well 

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Once you've been informed that you have a business trip, plan ahead. Careful planning and preparation are crucial to making your business trip stress-free. After knowing the dates, location, and purpose of your corporate business travel, make a schedule. You can opt to schedule your meetings, seminars, or conferences in the morning; so you can have the afternoons or evenings to yourself. If you will be presenting documents or presentations, it is ideal for working and accomplishing them prior to your flight; that way, you have enough time to rest once you've landed to your destination.

If you’ve figured out your personal goals from the trip, squeeze them in your schedule. Aside from preparing your schedule and itinerary, condition your mind and body for the trip. After all, you do not want to be sick before or during your travel.

2. Do your research 

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Research on the place where your business trip will take place. Take note of necessary safety precautions; know the weather, and read up on their culture. This is also the time to search for places you can visit and activities to try around the area. That way, you do not waste time by making last-minute research and preparations on where you can go or what you can do, aside from work. If you’re traveling abroad, do not forget to exchange your money for their currency.

3. Pack smart 

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Make a packing checklist for business trips with essential things you should take with you to make sure you don't forget anything. This may include your laptop, documents, and other business essentials you need for your business corporate or conference travel.

Bring a number of office attires, and do not forget to pack a small clothes iron to make sure you won’t be presenting yourself in crumpled business attire during meetings or conferences. Also, remember to pack essential toiletries and medicines, just to be prepared for any travel emergency that might happen during your trip.  It is also ideal to bring with you a pair of casual clothes you can change into when you’re done working for the day. After all, it would be more conducive to explore your place wearing casual and comfortable clothes and shoes.

4. Grab a pair of trusty headset

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To make the most out of your business travels, bring a pair of trustworthy headsets that can help you not be distracted by a crying infant or noisy chatter on the plane, especially if you plan to catch up on your reading, business agenda or sleep.

A headset can help you stay undisturbed and comfortable during your travel, regardless of any noise around you.

5. Bring essential oils wherever you go

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Corporate travel job can be stressful. Having handy essential oils, you can take with you when you travel can ease the stress you're feeling and help you focus on your remote work. These oils are made to make you feel relaxed, no matter how arduous your job is. Essential oils can help you get a good night’s sleep if the time difference messes up your sleep schedule. There are even essential oils that help you breathe easily, safeguard you against insect bites, and relieve muscle pain.

6. Stay in a lifestyle hotel

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Aside from comfort and safety, your productivity depends on the hotel you choose. Since the purpose of your travel is primarily for business, and leisure is only secondary, you’d want to be an effective worker.

Aside from the room rates, look into the amenities and services you can take advantage of when choosing a hotel. If you find out that your business travel will be in Boracay, why not book at Alta Vista de Boracay? This hotel has different facilities where you can have your client meetings or conferences. You can even conduct seminars and conferences in function halls that can accommodate 60 people for your business corporate travel.

7. Don’t eat alone

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It is normal to prefer eating alone, especially if it is your first time visiting a place and you do not have friends to join you. However, there are a number of psychological, social, and biological benefits of sharing meals with others. As an example, it is a great opportunity to release your anxieties and have someone listen to you. So make the most out of your business travel by having someone join you during mealtimes. You also have the option of scheduling your one-on-one client meetings over lunch or dinner or dining with colleagues from the company you are visiting. Dining outside and starting conversations, even with strangers, will also give you the opportunity to meet people and build your network.

8. Don’t stay in your hotel too long; squeeze in extracurricular activities

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Confining yourself inside the hotel will make you miss out on discovering what the city you're in has to offer. Who says you can’t be productive when you’re traveling? If you prefer to work in your hotel, set specific working hours and stick with it, having a designated work time will prevent you from experiencing burnout during your corporate business travel and make it more pleasurable. 

You can wake up extra early every day to do extracurricular activities such as working out, taking a swim, or having breakfast at a must-try restaurant in the city. Squeezing in personal activities early in the day or at night such as walking around to visit some places within the city will allow you to have work-life balance. It will also make you achieve the personal goals you set for your business trip.

9. Enjoy your trip

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You can take advantage of your business travel by enjoying every second of it. Enjoying means being productive at work and having time to do the things you want, as well. When you’re not working during your business trip, why not pamper yourself a bit by having a relaxing massage? If you’re near the beach, take the opportunity to swim and enjoy the sunset.

If a museum is nearby, spend some time to pay a visit and learn. All these experiences are worth sharing to your family and colleagues back home. Memories and adventures, after all, are some of the best gifts that business travelers, like you, can treasure.

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Are you scheduled for a business trip? Remember these best business travel tips, to make the most out of it. No matter how tight your schedule is, you can turn any business trip into a leisurely travel. Are you an employee itching to travel but don’t have any trip scheduled? Don’t worry, you can still work and travel, at the same time