09 JANUARY, 2018


Are you dying to go back to Boracay for a much-needed vacation? Do not let budget constraints hold you back. There are many ways you can have a Boracay travel on the cheap, one of which is the often-unexplored off-season travel. Countless of travelers take the pains of competing with other tourists over expensive accommodations and plane tickets during the hot summer season, when many wondrous experiences await them during the off-peak season. It is about time you give this option a try. Benefits that go beyond just making savings await you!


You will save money

Photo courtesy of the ThePixelman via Pixabay

Often expensive, traveling is considered by most people as a luxury. But this does not have to be the case. One of the best ways you can travel on the cheap is by being more flexible with the dates. With airlines struggling to fill up vacant seats, you will find flights slashed to a fraction of their usual price. You do not have to join the bandwagon and book at the most popular times of the year. You would end up spending a lot more than you would during off-peak season. Traveling off-season will only cost you much less, and this is money you can save for cocktails, souvenirs or a second trip.


You won’t have to deal with the crowds

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More people flock to vacation spots during peak seasons. As more people will be heading to the same tourist spots you plan to visit, this will mean queues after queues for you. This is definitely not a great way to spend precious time while on vacation.

Mwore people also means having to duck and dive around selfie sticks and fighting over sunbeds. This is simply no way to relax. If you don’t like the ubiquitous crowd, loud conversations, screaming children, and screeching vehicles ruining an otherwise serene location, then traveling off-season is just the thing for you. You will get the chance to have the place all to yourself. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to observe and bask in your beautiful surroundings with no unwanted distractions.

Google “when to go to Boracay,” then do the opposite!


You get to interact more with the locals

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 If you are the type of traveler who enjoys meeting new people, listening to their stories, and telling your own, then traveling off-season is definitely the right route for you. For one, less busy months means the staff in hotels and restaurants and other local establishments are not overstretched with work and have the energy and time to actually chat with you. You get to have more meaningful conversations with people. Most often than not, they will be eager to share with you some of the hidden secrets of their town. Who knows what awesome things you might learn about the place you are visiting? As any avid traveler would tell you, locals tend to treat tourists differently when there aren’t that many of them. They are much more willing to give out huge discounts and special attention. They would practically leave you feeling like a celebrity in their town!


You benefit from the cooler weather

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The months falling within the peak season are often uncomfortably hot. This may be an attractive option for sun worshippers, but not for those who would rather avoid sunburn. If you prefer exploring the place without getting drenched in your own sweat, then the cooler weather during off-peak season perfect for you. This is especially true if you are the type who gets easily exhausted and who even develops a bad headache under the heat of the sun. Remember to do your research, though. You don’t want to travel to the beach at a time when it is always raining hard. You still want a bit of sunlight out there.


You get to take better photographs

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Whether you are an avid photographer or an amateur snapper, you will love how the off-peak season is great for good photography. Seasoned photographers can easily set up their tripod in peace, and meticulously work on taking epic snaps. Those who would like to take photos for the fun of it can easily take them without unwanted photo bombers getting in the way.


Everyone wants to have great photos to show for their travels, but this can be almost impossible during peak season. What with squillions of tourists getting in the way of your shot. The best way you can have stunning vacation spots tourist-free is by traveling off-season. You can have the place to yourself, and take as many breathtaking panoramic shots as you can.


Help the local economy

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Traveling during quiet periods lets you help places that rely on tourism to even out their income. This is particularly true if you like to buy local. The vendors in the area will appreciate the sales you bring in during the slow period. Simply buying coffee in a local cafe can go a long way in helping the locals, plus you get to enjoy the serenity of the place. This is truly a win-win situation.


You get your choice of accommodation

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As the law of supply and demand would have it, fewer tourists means cheaper accommodations. There is also a greater chance that your favored place will have a vacancy. Whether you prefer luxurious or basic accommodation, you are bound to find just the right option for you. With not too many tourists crowding the hotel, you are bound to have a more relaxing stay, not to mention not having to deal with a queue at the breakfast buffet. Your restful stay is bound to set you up for a great day of exploring. If you love how Alta Vista de Boracay gives you an escape from the party vibe of Boracay, you will love the it even more during off-peak season.


You get to see the place for what it is

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Traveling off season is great for those who prefer getting to know the place on a deeper level, instead of just getting postcard photos. Visiting a place during off-peak season will have you seeing it raw and real. You get to witness the problems locals deal with, and observe how they try to overcome them. Seeing and understanding their problems and way of living will have you realizing just how awesome people can be. And this will let you take home a healthy dose of positivity.

As you can see, the best time for vacation is not always the peak seasons we have grown accustomed to. Now that you won’t have to deal with exorbitant costs, feel free to book that Boracay vacation!