24 JULY, 2019


Not planning your vacations can have costly consequences. Plane tickets will likely be more expensive, and your choice of accommodation might not be available. But you probably know that many planned trips do not happen, at all. People have time to bail out and make excuses to just stay at home and binge on Netflix. Is facing consequences with last-minute planning worth it? It is if you plan to spend long-overdue quality time with your favorite people in the world.

Make that family or barkada getaway finally come true. Here’s a guide on how to plan a last-minute travel trip.

1. Go during holidays and long weekends

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It is likely that people will be backing out from a last-minute getaway for not having any paid vacation leave left. The need to hit the road to recharge should not affect your standing in the office. You don't want to see a memo on your desk after an out-of-town vacation, right? If a holiday or a long weekend is coming up, mark those for your vacations. You can also go on a weekend adventure: leave on a Friday afternoon after work, and be ready for work on Monday morning.

2. Set a budget and stick with it

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Not having enough money is a downside to last-minute vacations. Many plunge into impromptu trips to the detriment of their savings accounts. Vacations, planned or not, should not lead you to bankruptcy.

Set a reasonable budget and stick with it. You will be surprised by how creative you can get when you are traveling with limited pocket money. Maybe you can cook your own dinner in your shared accommodation. Instead of spending on costly cocktails in a bar, why not mix your own drinks in your condotel and have a karaoke party? 

3. Agree on a destination

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Your budget and travel plans will depend on where you are going. Call a conference with the group or create a group chat then, run a poll on your vacation destination. To make it easier, list down five choices that offer different vacation themes. You can choose between a mountain destination, a beach, a farming town, a new city, a historical site, etc. Consider the weather, whether it is peak or off-peak season and the availability of accommodation in choosing a vacation destination.

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4. Create a travel committee

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Share the stressful tasks of a last-minute trip planner with everyone in your group. Aside from accelerating the planning, this can help ensure that no one will back out. Everyone will be responsible for a specific aspect of the trip. Have a mini-committee that will monitor last-minute deals; another one will be assigned to oversee the group’s budget and another that will prepare the travel itinerary. Think of it as planning a birthday bash or a high school reunion. Get everyone busy.

5. Set up a communication channel

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It doesn't matter if you have a couple of months or several days before your trip; you need to set up a communication channel with your travel buddies. You will use this to share last-minute vacation ideas and updates from the travel committees. Facebook group chat is a popular platform for planning, but you can also use Viber for easier and more organized sharing of files.

6. Receive travel deals via phone alerts

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Typically, plane tickets are costlier for immediate trips. Many vacationers book their flights months ahead to snap up amazing discounts. But don't fret. You can still successfully book PISO Fare rates for your last-minute vacation. No need to stay glued on your computer screen for airline promos. Set up mobile phone alerts for last-minute travel deals to anywhere.

7. Secure travel insurance

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Traveling exposes you to a lot of risks. You may contract diseases at your destination, get injured during outdoor activities or encounter a natural disaster. Make sure nothing gets in the way of your fun by protecting yourself with travel insurance. Travel insurance can help eliminate or at least lessen the financial cost of health risks during your vacation.

8. Prepare an itinerary

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The charm of last-minute travels is spontaneity in a “we shall go where the wind takes us” sort of way. But having an itinerary will not hurt, especially if you only have a weekend. You can keep that element of exuberance even with a set schedule. You can be less detailed with specific activities. For instance, you can allot the entire first morning in Boracay trying out three outdoor activities such as banana boating, parasailing, and beach volleyball. Then spend the afternoon strolling the plaza for a food crawl. An itinerary doesn't need to tell you every detail of your trip.

9. Pack light

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Vacationers tend to pack their entire wardrobe for a trip. This is both troublesome and costly. Save on the excess baggage fees by planning your outfits well and packing smart. Use your itinerary as a guide on what to bring. Take note of the weather conditions, as well. If you are going to Boracay in the summer and do a lot of beachfront activities, you can skip the heavy jeans and bulky dresses. Mix and match outfits and accessories.

10. Leave the stress behind

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A last-minute trip can be a nightmare for someone who wants to plan everything ahead. On the day of the trip, you may start stressing over every single thing. Keep calm and take deep breaths. It’s okay. This is a vacation. You are to recharge your mind and body and not worry about your hotel transfers. The trip doesn't need to be perfect. You don't have to strictly abide by every last-minute travel tip. Just use them as a guide. If something doesn't go right, improvise. Remember spontaneity. As soon as you close your front door behind you, you leave your stressors behind.

Turn that out-of-town family or barkada trip into a reality. Get people involved—from choosing the destination to preparing your itinerary. You don't need a lot of time to plan an unforgettable vacation. Perhaps the little time you already have will help bring out the trip planning geniuses in you.