26 JUNE, 2015


A good employer knows the importance of holding a team building session for its employees – it strengthens the bond between individuals and makes them inspired to work for a common cause. Now there are lots of great locations to host team buildings but if a company is willing to go all out for the camaraderie and enjoyment of its employees, there’s no better thing to do than to hold a fun team building in Boracay. Not only are there more than enough things to do for an unforgettable team building session, but the employees will certainly feel valued for being given the chance to relax and have fun in one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.


Team buildings made more fun.

Photo from Kurt Bauschardt via Flickr, Creative Commons


Boracay has more than enough space and facilities to host various team building activities. To guarantee a meaningful company planning and outing, scout for hotels that can offer you spacious indoor and outdoor facilities. Having these allows you to have all sorts of dynamic and collaborative group activities. It’s certainly tempting to just lie on the beach all day and take in the majestic beauty of the island but there are better ways to spend a team outing. Here are some of the top beach team building ideas made more enjoyable in Boracay. 

Sand castle building

This childhood activity is also fun for adults, especially if done with a team. Make use of the fine white sand to build an impressive structure within a time limit. Whoever builds the biggest one wins the game. 

Corporate survivor

This game is inspired by the popular TV show. However, instead of turning against one another and voting each other off, this survivor version is all about saving your teammates and keeping them on the island. The teams will undergo physical and problem solving challenges, so individuals will have to rely on each other to solve them. You will have to work with your teammates to match the skills of the other groups.

To make this game more organized and controllable, you might want to use a private beach as venue for this game. A less populated beach like Puka Beach is perfect for this purpose. If you’re holding your team building in Alta Vista De Boracay, you can use the hotel’s exclusive access to this lovely beach. 

Human knots

Each team should form a circle by creating a web of “knots” using their hands. They should make the web as complicated as possible. Afterwards, they will have to untangle the knots without their hands breaking contact until they form an open circle. This is a great activity for testing the team’s planning and strategy skills.

Water Waiter

Each team member will have to wear masks and flippers. Each of them will take turns fetching water on a tray then head back to the home base to fill a bucket with water, all done within a time limit. The player will have to go through obstacles along the way, which should make the entire process very interesting.

Boat Race

Paddle your way to victory.

Photo from Jenny Mealing via Flickr, Creative Commons

Make use of the clear waters and hold a boat race, with each member paddling to move the boat forward. Make sure to wear lifejackets before riding the boats. Safety before anything else!

Cocktail Master

When the sun goes down, it’s time for some night fun! You can do team building activities even on a night out. Get each team to mix the perfect cocktails. They can follow a recipe or they can do their own. Hire a bartender to be the judge and choose the best cocktail mix among the bunch. 

Blind Chain Gang

This is a great game that requires coordination, planning, and memory. Each team member will be blindfolded and their right legs will be tied together, forming a human chain. In this position, they have to go through a maze or obstacle course. The first team to finish the maze wins the game.


Beach Volleyball

Play ball amidst the white powder sand

Photo from brianscantlebury.com via Flickr, Creative Commons

If you have athletic employees, then a game of volleyball in the sand is the perfect beach fitness activity in Boracay. Let your employees wear their most comfortable beach wear and spike their way to victory. 


There’s nothing like the satisfaction you get when you shoot your boss in the butt…with a paintball, at least. In this game, managers will have to hustle as hard as their subordinates to avoid being shot and cast out of the game. This game can get quite messy so this is best done outdoors.

Lego Man

This is a great game if the sun is too hot outside and you opt for an indoor activity. You can use Alta Vista De Boracay’s function hall or play room as your venue. An instructor will create a sculpture using Lego or other kinds of children’s building blocks. Each team will be given enough blocks to be able to build the instructor’s creation. The instructor will then set the sculpture in the middle of the room. One member from each group will be allowed to see the sculpture up close and they will have to take in the details before going back to their teammates to instruct them how to duplicate the sculpture. No camera, no paper and pens are allowed in this game. The team who comes the closest to replicating the sculpture wins the game. 

Easter Egg Hunt

Who cares if it’s not Easter? Looking for eggs scattered in the garden is a fun activity, regardless of the occasion. Set a time limit and declare that whoever gets the most eggs gets the prize. To make it fair, set consolation prizes for non-winners.

Sumo Experience

A chance for you to unleash the sumo within

Photo from devopstom via Flickr, Creative Commons

If you can find a supplier for sumo fat suits, then you’re in for a great time. Divide your employees into two teams then make each of them wear a fat suit. The challenge is to make your opponent roll on the ground, just like a real sumo match. You can do this elimination match style; the team with the last person standing wins the game.

A team outing is the perfect opportunity for employees to get to know each other better and form lasting bonds that will help them in and out of the workplace. Why not make this as fun as possible by choosing a venue that can provide the accommodations and facilities you need for a safe and enjoyable vacation? Make your time spent in Boracay one that your employees will fondly remember for years to come.