25 JANUARY, 2018


The ultimate romantic destination in the Philippines, Boracay offers captivating sunset, pristine turquoise waters, panoramic views, and awesome experiences that any couple marking a relationship milestone can savor. Many activities in the island appeal to both adventurous and laidback lovers, so they're worth adding to your couple’s bucket list.

Are you planning your Boracay escapade with your sweetheart? Try these must-do romantic activities perfect for celebrating your dating milestones!

1. Unwinding at Puka Beach

Other than the crowd-favorite White Beach, Boracay has hidden gems waiting to be explored. Not to be missed is the unexploited Puka Beach, an ideal place for new couples to spend a day to get to know each other on a deeper level. For lovers in a long-term relationship, this could also be the perfect location for proposing marriage.

The best time to visit is in the early morning and late afternoon when Puka Beach is at its most peaceful, making you feel like you have the place all to yourself. To enjoy a convenient and exclusive access to Puka Beach, consider booking your Boracay accommodation in a nearby hotel like Alta Vista de Boracay.

Walk barefoot and hand-in-hand with your special someone while admiring the clear waters and lovely corals and shells. For the guys, it's a perfect opportunity to impress your lady by being a reliable Instagram boyfriend! Cap off your day by witnessing the beautiful sunset at Puka Beach.

2. Island hopping

Couples that travel and enjoy new experiences together have a deeper connection, according to a new Travelocity study. The first time you travel with your significant other is a major test of your patience and tolerance for each other. Exploring places together can get you excited, thrilled, stressed, and annoyed with your partner—it's an emotional roller-coaster ride that every couple naturally goes through.

If you choose Boracay as your first beach destination as a couple, try island hopping because it packs a lot of fun activities in a half-day tour, perfect for quick weekend trips. Enjoy sightseeing, swimming, snorkeling, and fish feeding, and more while exploring different beaches such as Crocodile Island, Crystal Cove, and Piknikan Island.

3. Paraw sailing

Photo courtesy of Christian Manalo via Flickr, Creative Commons

Watching the gorgeous Boracay sunset with your one great love is a romantic experience in itself. Riding the paraw (the local sailboat) adds drama and sentimentality to the usual beach sunset viewing. For your Valentine's weekend getaway in Boracay, rent a paraw and go sailing before or during sunset.

4. Food tripping in a seafood market

Photo courtesy of Shubert Ciencia via Flickr, Creative Commons

Is getting fat together a part of your #relationshipgoals? Spend your anniversary in Boracay to discover why this island is also known as a culinary paradise.

Foodie couples can have a great time feasting on a variety of local and international cuisine. But if you're looking for a unique food trip experience, head to D'Talipapa Market to buy fresh seafood and have it cooked at one of the nearby restaurants. Grilled tuna, kinilaw na talaba, fried calamari, and pan-cooked shrimp are among the seafood dishes you've got to sample together.

5. Taking a dip in a secluded infinity pool

If you'll be staying at Alta Vista de Boracay, enjoy a serene moment with your partner at the hotel's huge and luxurious infinity pool. It features a magnificent view of Boracay's waters and lush greens, away from the hustle and bustle of the island's touristy areas.

6. Enjoying a panoramic view of the island

Lovers obsessed with taking couple selfies will love hanging out at the Alta Vista de Boracay's Dinara View Deck. This facility offers a stunning 360-degree view of the sunset, as the Boracay hotel is nestled on one of the island's highest peaks.

7. Parasailing and other water sports

Photo courtesy of NoslivRage via Wikimedia Commons

Boracay provides plenty of fun-filled options for any thrill-seeking couple. Looking for extreme water activities for your honeymoon? Try parasailing to get a fantastic view of the whole island while soaring high in the air. You can also ride a jet ski for that exhilarating experience on water.

If you have a lot of time to spend in Boracay, take the opportunity to learn something new together, like kiteboarding or windsurfing. You can take lessons at Bulabog Beach, which is known as Asia's prime destination for kite and wind surfers.

Boracay is also a great place to conquer your fears together—try cliff diving together and feel the adrenaline rush!

8. Exploring the majestic underwater life

Photo courtesy of Gareth Williams via Flickr, Creative Commons

Marvel in Boracay's beauty underneath the ocean through snorkeling, scuba diving or helmet diving. Tambisaan Beach and Ilig-Iligan Beach are the best spots for these underwater activities. Don't forget to bring your waterproof action camera to capture the splendid marine life!

9. Enjoying a family vacation

Photo courtesy of mario0107 via Pixabay

Boracay is an ideal vacation spot not just for people who are dating but also for first-time parents who want to tag along their little one on a beach trip. Starting families can enjoy a lot of kid-friendly activities in the island such as a banana boat ride and a visit to the Bat Cave. If you and your spouse will travel as new parents, it's also a great idea to go back to your favorite destinations in Boracay and relive your fondest experiences.

10. Renewing vows on the beach

Photo courtesy of Mariamichelle via Pixabay

If you never got the chance to have your dream beach wedding, consider holding your renewal of vows in Boracay on your wedding anniversary. What could be lovelier than having the picturesque island as your location and celebrating your enduring love for each other with all your loved ones? Saying "I do" once again will be sweeter this time around.

Regardless of the relationship stage you're in, Boracay has something to offer beyond the usual romantic dinner by the beach. After your beach getaway, you'll bring home great memories to treasure with your partner forever.