03 OCTOBER, 2019


We’re two months into the ber-season, which means that Christmas is just around the corner. It’s time to bring out the Christmas list and start planning your shopping strategy!

Here in the Philippines, giving gifts is a popular tradition. We have gifts for almost everyone: our parents, friends, even the people we barely know. Giving gifts gives off a feel-good vibe to yourself. But not the process of buying them.

That’s the ironic thing about buying Christmas gifts, especially for your friends. You know them so well, and yet, figuring out what to give them has become an annual struggle. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you clear out a few on that list. 

If you have a beach lover on your friends' list, here are some unique gifts you can give them this holiday season.

Photo courtesy of Craig Cameron via Unsplash

1. Beach Towel Galore

Budget: Php300.00 to Php500.00

Who says that beach towels (or towels in general) are corny gifts? It’s actually one of the most useful gifts one can give to their buddies! The towels come in different colors and sizes, and even the fabric. Choose a towel that represents this person well with the right color and travel packing approach, whether he or she is a light or heavy packer. 

DIY Tip: You can even have the towel customized with their name embroidered onto the cloth (so it doesn’t get lost on the shore).

Photo courtesy of Laurentiu Morariu via Unsplash

2. Christmas by the Beach

Budget: Php3,000.00 to Php10,000.00

If you’re feeling a little extra (and with extra cash on hand), how about treating them on a seaside Christmas vacation? Your beach-loving friend would love to spend the holidays on the beach, so how about a staycation at a seaside hotel as a unique gift idea? Enjoying the cold Christmas breeze and the cool waves will be the highlight of their holidays.

DIY TIP: It’s going to be hard for you to tell your friend that you’ll be giving him/her a vacation for the holidays. So, it’s time to get creative and customize an invitation just for them! You can go for a Christmas card and decorate the inside with various beach elements.

Photo courtesy of James Pond via Unsplash

3. Camera Lens Cleaner 

Budget: Php300.00 to Php500.00

Your friend may love the sand and sea, but his or her camera kit won’t. Sand may easily get in and stain the camera and affect its functionality while on vacation. A portable camera lens cleaner is a good gift for a friend who goes to the beach and creates IG-worthy content. 

4. Sari-Saring Sarong

Budget: Php250.00 to Php500.00

A sarong is every beach bum’s best friend. It is a summer must-have and can be used as a blanket, picnic mat, instant bag or towel. If you’re feeling a little extra, this holiday gift can be paired with a good set of bikinis. 

PRO TIP: Match the sarong you’ll buy with the swimsuits that your friend owns so she could use it often! 

Photo courtesy of Pineapple Supply Co. via Unsplash

5. A Picnic by the Beach 

Budget: Php1,000.00 to Php2,000.00

Christmas season is one of the busiest days for all of us. If your schedules don’t permit you to go on a vacation, then consider going on a day trip to the beach for an awesome food trip. Food tripping is one of the best things to do by the shore. Find a good spot where you can place all your favorite food and enjoy sunset by the beach! 

6. Waterproof Phone Pouch

Budget: Php50.00 to Php500.00

We live in a digital world and our phones NEVER leave our bodies, even at the beach. If your friend is like that, you can gift him or her with a waterproof phone case. This means that they can take photos even underwater. Just be careful, though! Look for a reliable seller and high-quality cases. 

7. Beach Blanket

Budget: Php300.00 to Php500.00

A beach blanket is essential for a sea lover. Nobody likes sitting on hot sand, and this gift will be of great help to your friend. It will definitely look great on the IG posts, too! 

DIY TIP: Like the towel, you can have a blanket customized with your friend’s name or initials. But if you’re on a tight budget this year (don’t worry, you’re not the only one), you can still give unique Christmas gifts to your friends with some of these awesome DIY projects! 

8. Beach Scrapbook 

What you’ll need: Notebook, Photos, Stickers, Washi Tapes, Glue

Getting creative and compiling your friend’s best vacation photos in an awesome scrapbook is a budget-friendly, yet unique, Christmas gift. Don’t be worried if you’re not the most creative person in the world. You can check out some inspirational photos on Instagram or Pinterest. Just don’t forget to add a personal touch to your gift.

DIY TIP: Leave blank pages on the scrapbook for your friend to fill up on his/her next beach vacation.

Photo courtesy of Nielsen Ramon via Unsplash 

9. Beach Terrarium

What you’ll need: Mason jar/Old fishbowl, Sand, Beach elements

A friend who loves the sea would love beach-inspired home decor. All you need is an old fishbowl or a clear mason jar, artificial sand (or actual sand), seashells, small boat toys you can buy in a local toy store, and you can create a terrarium inspired by your friend’s favorite beach location!

10. Save the Planet This Christmas

The holidays are not just about giving and receiving material gifts, it can also be about doing something sustainable and earth-friendly. For instance, you can do volunteer work at your preferred orphanage or home for the elderly. 

If you want to do something meaningful that’s coastal-related, you can head over to your favorite beach and volunteer for a clean-up drive. Our planet needs eco-warriors who will help protect our environment. 

With these gift ideas that are fit for your friends, they will appreciate your thoughts and presents. Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of the year. It’s truly the season of giving. But no matter what gift you give or receive, the most meaningful gift you can give your loved ones is your time, love and affection.