16 AUGUST, 2018


More than just to have a relaxing time at the Alta Vista de Boracay, you travel to Boracay for the exhilarating sports offered on the island. Whatever your idea of fun is, you are sure to find just the Boracay activities package to match your needs. Learn about the beach sports you can experience while in Boracay.

Go scuba diving and experience the deep sea

As beautiful as Boracay is, staying on the surface is simply not enough. You must dive deep into the waters to experience its beauty to the fullest. There are around fifteen amazing dive sites in Boracay — wondrous corals, underwater creatures, caves, and underwater tunnels — all waiting to be explored. With the countless diving centers offering lessons on the island, you can go scuba diving even if you have zero experience. A beginner course with one diving session will cost you around Php3,500. If you already have a PADI certification, you will only have to pay round Php1,600 for a dive.

Experience kitesurfing in Asia’s best spot in Boracay

Boracay has earned the reputation for being the best kiteboarding spot not only in the Philippines but the whole of Asia. The Freestyle Academy offers the opportunity to learn the sport with certified International Kiteboarding Organization(IKO) instructors. They offer courses for beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels, and accommodate children and adults.

A spectacular view while parasailing

Beyond just going beneath the surface, you also need to soar high above the island to experience its splendor. Parasailing will let you do just that. Simply take a ride on a speedboat off of Bulabog Beach and you’ll soon be enjoying the sights of Boracay from a bird’s eye view. Make sure you bring a good camera, as the boat staff are great at taking pictures of “flying tourists.” Depending on how good you are at haggling and how many people will be joining you in the boat ride, the fees can range from Php750 to Php2,500 per person. You can get much lower rates if you travel to Boracay during off season.

Enjoy the Boracay sunset while paraw sailing

Boracay is famous for its splendid sunset. And it’s best experienced while paraw sailing. This activity lets you experience sailing old school. Simply get onboard, and let the wind take you through a relaxing ride while you enjoy the best views of the island.

Paraw is a native outrigger sailboat that has become almost synonymous to Boracay. You’ll find several of these boats dotting the blue waters of the island. Simply walk along the beach and you’ll encounter someone who will offer a ride on the iconic blue-and-white sails. Depending on the number of people who will be joining you on the boat, the fees range from Php1,000 to Php1,500 for each person.

Enjoy a fine Boracay day while paddleboarding

If you’ve always wanted to go surfing but don’t have the skills just yet, you can take baby steps and start with standup paddleboarding first. It’s much easier to maneuver a standup paddle board. Giving it a go will give you the confidence you need to give surfing a try. Plus, it’s so much fun! The shallow and placid waters during a fine day on White Beach make for an ideal place to go standup paddleboarding. Even non-swimmers can enjoy the sport. Board rental can range from Php300 to Php500 per hour, inclusive of lessons. You can book a session at Funboard Center Boracay on Bulabog Beach or at Paddlesurf Boracay at Station 1.

Scream your heart out on a bouncy fly fishing ride

If you’re craving for an exhilarating experience, fly fishing is just the activity for you. You’ll be riding a giant inflatable fish that will be dragged by a speedboat going full throttle. The bouncy ride will have you screaming your heart out. It’s the perfect activity for the squad. Fly fishing is not for the faint-hearted and can give you quite the scare, but you’ll all be laughing your heart out once it’s over. Fees range from Php550 to Php600 per person. You can book a ride at Diamond Watersports located at White Beach Station 1.

Jump off a cliff for the adventure of your lifetime

For a good dose of adrenaline rush, cliff diving is an experience you must not miss while in Boracay. Ariel’s Point alone has five cliff diving platforms, with one site going as high as 13 meters. Some sites go as low as three to seven meters, making them ideal for beginners. Those who’d rather not jump off off a cliff may take a floating dock to reach the waters instead. The fee for each person is Php1,600. This fee goes beyond just the opportunity to go cliff diving. The package includes a round-trip outrigger ride, local snorkeling and environmental fees, full use of services and amenities at Ariel’s Point (kayaks, canoes, floating raft, and snorkeling gear), lunch buffet, and merienda.

Have an adventure on a majestic dragon boat

Contact the Philippine Canoe & Kayak Federation Inc. and get the chance to experience dragon boating on the island. The sport will have you riding a majestic dragon boat and fighting the heat as you paddle through the waters. The experience is so exhilarating there’s nothing quite like it.

Bring a frisbee and have loads of fun

The next time you travel to Boracay, make sure you bring with you a frisbee. With this little flying disc in tow, all you and your friends will need is an open space to have loads of fun. And the Pukka Beach is simply perfect for that. You can even head to one of the open spaces in Alta Vista de Boracay. A frisbee is simply the perfect companion for the squad.

Reach the island’s peak with an ATV ride

Take an ATV ride up to Mt. Luho, the highest peak on the island. Sure it’s not as challenging as driving around Mayon Volcano, but it offers the perfect introduction to ATV. And it’s quite a ride. You can rent an ATV unit for Php800 to Php1,000.

Have a fun round of beach soccer

And of course, a long stretch of white sand is just perfect for a round of beach soccer game with the squad. There’s even a Boracay Beach Soccer Cup held on the island yearly.

Enjoy a simple volleyball game on the beach

The beaches of Boracay are so engaging that sometimes all you need to have fun is a simple game of volleyball. Head over to the quieter Pukka Beach, and you’ll have all the space you need for a fun volleyball game with your friends.

These beach sports should show you just what to do in Boracay. The place is more than just its vibrant nightlife and long stretches of white sand. You simply will never run out of fun Boracay activities to enjoy.