15 AUGUST, 2019


Boracay is one of the ideal destinations for all kinds of tourists and travelers. Even if you're a traveler on a budget, there's a budget-friendly Boracay itinerary for you that will make your weekend memorable, without emptying your wallet.

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In this travel guide, you will know when, where, and how to travel to Boracay in style within a reasonable budget.

Here is a sample 3 days 2 nights ideal pocket money Boracay under Php9,000:



Terminal Fee


Local bus (Kalibo to Caticlan, round trip)


Jetty Port fees and pump boat fare ( roundtrip)


Multicab from Cagban Port/Tambisaan Port to your hotel and vice versa




Alta Vista de Boracay Studio/Deluxe Room (3500/night x 2 , then divided for 2 people)




Hotel breakfast


Lunch (3 days)

Php450 (Php150/meal)

Dinner (3 nights)

Php450 (Php150/meal)



Island hopping


Parasailing (2000/ 2 persons)

1000/ person

Banana Boat

400/ person

Helmet Diving

1000/ person







*Average estimate of prices

1. Plan your budget and itinerary wisely 

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Before heading off to paradise, make your budget plan and itinerary. List the things you want to do on the island and research on the prices of products and activities you want to spend on.

It is also important to note that having a travel companion joining your weekend trip to Boracay may be practical, in that you can share your expenses and your experiences.

2. Visit during the off-season

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When is the best time to travel to Boracay? Anytime is a good time, but if you’re going with a tight budget, it's best to visit during the rainy season in the Philippines. The months of May until October are the island’s off-peak season. During this time, hotels and airlines offer lower rates that you can take advantage of. Tourists are also relatively few during the off-peak season in Boracay. You can enjoy relaxing on the shores without the usual crowd of partying tourists. If you want your own quiet time in this paradise, then during off-peak season. 

3. Fly in the sky, drive on the road, catch the waves at sea

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How do you get to Boracay? You have two transportation options: plane or bus. While riding the bus will be a lot cheaper than riding an airplane, your travel time will be considerably longer. This means that precious time will be taken away from you—time you could otherwise be spending on the beach if you arrive faster.

Although airfare expenses can cut a big chunk of your budget, a lot of people suggest flying from Manila to Kalibo when going to Boracay because the airfare is cheaper compared to flying to Caticlan. Moreover, to save more, you could watch out for promos and discounts such as “Piso fares” offered by local airlines.  Should you miss out, however, don’t worry; your Plan B could look like this: rummage through different airlines and look for cheaper plane tickets that you can avail of. It would also be practical to book your ticket a few months before your trip, to take advantage of a cheaper plane ticket cost.

After touching down at the Kalibo International Airport, you need to ride a local bus to the Caticlan Jetty Port, which will cost around Php220 for a one-way ride of 1-2 hours.

Upon arriving at the Caticlan Jetty Port, you will have to pay Php100.00 in the terminal fee and Php75.00 for the environmental fee. When traveling to Boracay on a travel budget, it is best to ride the pump boat to the island, which costs Php25 for day trips, Php30 for night trips, and Php50 for midnight trips. If you have extra money, you can ride the Oyster Ferry for Php100. Oyster Ferry is the newest fast craft and is the only first-class sea transfer in Boracay. Added amenities are their air-conditioned cabins and toilets.

The ferry boat will take you either to Cagban or to Tambisaan Port. From there, you can ride a tricycle going to your hotel. The fare will cost around Php100-150. Riding a multicab, though, will prove a lot cheaper, as this only costs Php40 per person.

4. Stay in a place where you’ll find comfort and safety

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You should have booked your accommodation prior to your trip because Boracay has a "no booking, no entry" policy. When choosing your accommodation, choose a hotel that offers the kind of comfort you're looking for at a reasonable price. An ideal hotel to book is Alta Vista de Boracay. This hotel provides a studio/deluxe room with approximately 45-sqm of space, including a private balcony that gives you an exceptional view of the island. For two nights, the total cost would be Php5,600 for two persons or Php2,800 per head. If you book a few weeks or months ahead of time, your hotel accommodation will likely be cheaper.

Booking at Alta Vista de Boracay could be practical for your Boracay budget if breakfast is included in the accommodation rate. This way, you can allocate the money to the activities you want to try, food to eat, or souvenirs to buy.

5. Feast on seafood without spending too much

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Speaking of free hotel breakfasts, where are the best places to dine at in Boracay?

Good thing,  Boracay offers a variety of budget-friendly restaurants. Eating at local restaurants on the island will cost you around Php150-200 a meal. Instead of visiting 5-star restaurants, why not take advantage of eating at D’ Talipapa for fresh seafood at reasonable prices? If you want to save more, eat at karinderias—local food stalls with a modest seating area—that serve affordable home-cooked meals around the island. That way, you also get familiar with what the locals eat. 

6. Score bundled activities

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There are a lot of activities to try when you’re in Boracay. Even though you’re on a tight budget, you can still have fun and experience the local activities. Test your haggling skills wherein you could even score bundled activities such as parasailing, banana boat riding, and helmet diving for only Php2,000! If island hopping is on the top of your list, you can score an island tour with other guests for Php600-800.

7. Bring some good buys home

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Your ideal pocket money for Boracay will most likely include good old cash for souvenirs. When shopping for souvenirs, D’Mall is the place to visit, to score affordable and good-quality souvenirs. Practice your haggling skills and shop smart to make the most out of your budget.

Additionally, you can take good photos of the island. Remember the saying, “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.” The moments you capture are yours and they will remind you of your fantastic weekend in Boracay.

Travelling to Boracay even on a tight budget doesn’t mean missing out on activities you want to try. To avoid making your Boracay itinerary suffer, plan ahead, stick to your budget, and take advantage of trying different activities.

Boracay is one of the best places on earth to visit without going bankrupt. Experiencing it the way you imagined—a paradise with beautiful sunsets, sand, and the beach—is totally worth every peso you spend. Once you’ve experienced Boracay, nothing could ever stop you from coming back.