29 MAY, 2017


Summer is a season of escapes and adventure, and what could be more escapist and adventurous than the pursuit of love? Whether it’s to escape a painful past or to explore possibilities for the future, people often take their summer vacations as a chance to look for partners.

Maybe you’re at that point in your life. Maybe your bags are packed, you’re ready, and you’ve chosen Boracay as the best place for your rebirth or reinvention… but you don’t know how to begin. If so, you don’t have to worry. Between the beaches and the balconies, premium locations like Alta Vista de Boracay give people the perfect shot at a summer romance. And with each spot, you have a few possible tactics and strategies to choose from.

Make the beach your playground

Photo courtesy of nese via Pixabay

The beach is a great place, but it’s not always possible to be really intimate there. Between sunbathing tourists and people gathering to take groupfies, there are plenty of distractions. To get really close to someone, you’ve got to create a moment that only the two of you share.   

In this situation, the sand is your best friend. If you want an activity to stretch the time you spend together, creating sand art is a good idea. Building sandcastles or sand sculptures will not only get you to work closely together, but it can also be a memory that you both can fondly reminisce. Once you’ve finished your creations, you can take pictures of them. You can even take an “usie” while you’re at it. Having those pictures is also a perfect excuse for you to connect on social media if you haven’t yet.

Take a romantic dip

Photo courtesy of Survivor via Pixabay

If you go to Boracay and don’t swim at least once, you haven’t lived. Not only is it a great way to get refreshed, but it’s also a good opportunity to connect with someone. The key is to choose the right time and the right location.

You want a spot that’s not too crowded and noisy, so most public beaches are out by the time late morning comes around. Swimming in the early morning gives you a precious chance to be alone; same goes for night swimming. If that’s not possible, try going farther away from the beach, but keep safety in mind. The goal is to go out far enough so you two have your own space to share and talk about anything and everything under the sun.

Share drinks by the sea

Photo courtesy of shuettner890 via Pixabay

Forget nightclubs and bars; if you want to make a date extra memorable, choose an exotic setting. And as far as date places go, you can hardly do better than the beach.

A Boracay romance can easily sprout, especially given all the eating places you can choose from. If you have a go-to restaurant in Boracay, you can suggest it to your date, but if he or she has another place in mind, be open to that. You’ve got to agree on when and where it will be; if you can’t right away, consider exchanging numbers so that you can update one another. Score plus points by reserving a table beforehand, especially if you have other people joining you. Maybe you two just met because you have friends who are dating, in which case a group date is most definitely a good idea.

Watch the sky

Photo courtesy of Unsplash via Pixabay

Two people can be so obviously compatible with each other, and yet still not find that spark. Maybe you’ve found someone you’re insanely in sync with, which would increase your chances greatly. But that’s not enough to create a connection. The truth is, romance is not just about chemistry; it also takes magic.

Despite what people think, magic isn’t something that just strikes from above randomly. It happens under the right conditions. Fortunately, capturing those magic moments isn’t so hard when you’re in a place like Boracay. Together you can watch the sunrise or the sunset. Even a clear night sky, complete with twinkling stars and a bright moon, can be enchanting. Still, the setting can only take you so far. A lot of dating tips involve setting up the right mood, but when the time comes, it’s up to you to make the move.

Ride the love boat

Photo courtesy of ChavezEd via Pixabay

Another unique date idea is to go out on a boat. You can ask around to find a boat to rent for a few hours. A paraw is a small boat native to the Philippines that can easily fit two people, but if you want a more upscale option, you can go with a sailboat instead. Feel free to make small talk with the locals as you search; you just might learn some useful Boracay dating tips for visitors.

It should be possible to rent one and hire someone to steer the boat for you. But guys who want to make a good impression may captain the vessel themselves, assuming they have enough skill and experience. You can do what the couples in movies and romance novels and pack food you can share while watching the sunset. With the right bottle of wine, you can share a toast — to the future, and what it might bring for two people who are alone together.

Walk along the beach

Photo courtesy of aandrina via Pixabay

Beach dating doesn’t have to involve any specific activity. Sometimes, people have the best time when you’re not actually doing anything at all, or agree to do a bit of exploration together.

Walking along the beach is a good idea especially if there aren’t too many distractions. Try to find a relatively private or unexplored location; off-island but nearby spots like Puka Beach are good options. Just imagine the mesmerizing sound of the waves, the shining sun, and the fine sand underneath your toes. You can try collecting shells together (assuming it’s allowed) or just hold hands while walking. There should be plenty of opportunities for you to take pictures together, too.

Discover something new together

Photo courtesy of tpsdave via Pixabay

The right kind of scare provides many benefits; for example, sharing thrilling experiences tends to make people closer. If you and your prospective partner are up for anything, then you’ll have no trouble finding an activity to get your hearts racing.

Boracay is host to a lot of fun activities. Those looking for a thrilling under-the-sea experience can try snorkeling or scuba diving. Want an even faster adrenalin rush? Try surfing or parasailing. If you want a fear-conquering challenge, you can dare each other to try cliff diving. You can also satisfy your need for speed by renting go-karts or ATVs.

Starting a new relationship is never easy. Whether you’re trying to go beyond the friendzone with someone you know or attempting to connect with a total stranger, there’ll always be an element of uncertainty. But then again, the only risks that never pay off are the ones you don’t take. So if you want to know how to find romance in Boracay, it’s really quite simple — find the right partner, find a great place, and jump right in.