29 JULY, 2019


Even though the hottest season in the Philippines is over, one thing is for sure: when you’re living in one of the most beautiful beaches in the country, summer vacation is never over. Despite having to put a stop to business operations to give way to the government’s island rehabilitation efforts, Boracay remains as one of the most visited islands of the country. Full of life and color, the island will certainly give you, your friends, and your family an experience to remember. 

Right before the business activities on the island came to a stop, the island was well known for its party scene. Boracay nightlife was something to look forward to for tourists. There were always tons of events happening, no matter what season of the year you arrive for a visit. There are bars at every corner, exciting pub crawls and parties, and tons and tons of booze. Afraid of drinking too much? Don't worry! There are safe and affordable accommodation on the island, especially if you're booked at Alta Vista de Boracay

Ready for a fun night? Here is a round-up of the 10 most iconic cocktails, available at almost all the bars on the island:

1. Cuba Libre

Photo courtesy of Marcus Spiske via Pexels

Your traditional rum and coke with some fresh lime juice that is perfect for quenching your thirst. A little backstory on this one if you don’t already know: this drink started and became popular in Cuba, then it’s influence spread across the United States and eventually to other parts of the world.

The drink is popularly mixed with rum and the “Coca-Cola” soda; but, nowadays, you can mix a different dark-colored soda for a different taste, making another variety of the Cuba Libre. This cocktail is perfect for those who are just starting to learn how to drink liquor; and in spite of its basic mix, it has proven to be an icon for its historical significance. In any Boracay bar, you can get this cocktail for  PhP90.00 to PhP180.00.

2. Daiquiri

Photo courtesy of rawpixel.com via Pexels

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then probably this one is for you: a rum-based cocktail mixed drink with lime juice and sugar. Despite this drink being one of the most basic mixes out there, it is definitely one that is sure to please the crowd.

Perfect for the poolside (or, in this case, the beachside) whether you’re relaxing or dancing the night away on the island, this drink will surely keep you refreshed and wanting more. Sounds enticing? Within Boracay, this drink is priced from PhP150.00 to PhP190.00; so you get the goods without breaking the bank. 

Here is a good tip: One of the most popular versions of this drink is the strawberry daiquiri. Ask any bartender from any Boracay bar if he/she could make that version, and you are guaranteed of a good-tasting cocktail.

3. Screwdriver

Photo courtesy of Isabella Mendes via Pexels

Only two kinds of beverage make up this drink: vodka and orange juice. For PhP130.00-170.00, you can get this popular highball drink. Despite having only two ingredients, the screwdriver has a lot of variations; so don’t be surprised if you go to two different bars and one’s screwdriver version doesn’t taste like the other.

Different Boracay bars have different takes on the screwdriver. Usually, instead of orange juice, they swap it with something else; but don’t be alarmed. Perfect for a warm day and even for dinner, this drink is versatile, making it one of the best cocktails the island has to offer. 

4. Margarita

Photo courtesy of Johann Trasch via Unsplash

Meet one of the most timeless cocktails. Referenced in a lot of pop-culture movies, the margarita is also one of the most ordered drinks in Boracay. Made with tequila, lime juice, liqueur and sugar, this drink ranges from PhP200.00 to PhP250.00. A bit pricey compared to the rest, but it sure packs some mean classy taste to it. This sweet cocktail is perfect for brunch-outs or Boracay nightlife dinners. You could even take it while strolling down the beach.

5. Piña Colada

Photo courtesy of Garett Mizunaka via Unsplash

To those just getting started with cocktails, this drink is for you. Given that the Philippines is a tropical country and you’re in Boracay (or at least about to visit Boracay), nothing exudes tropical vibes quite like the Piña Colada.

In any Boracay bar, this drink costs about PhP90.00 to PhP120.00. Made of white rum, pineapple juice, milk, and sugar, this cocktail is the absolute beachside drink, as it is perfect for drinking while relaxing on the beach while getting a tan. 

6. Mojito

Photo courtesy of rawpixel.com via Pexels

A sweet and refreshing highball drink, the mojito is one of the most famous rum-based mixes that originated in Cuba. You can definitely find this in almost all Boracay bars. As easy and as soothing as it tastes, this drink is a little complicated to make.

Traditionally this drink is made of light rum, simple sugar syrup, lime juice, mint leaves, and soda water. Today, mojitos have lots of variations. On the island, this drink costs about PhP90.00 to PhP150.00. The mint of the drink gives a really cooling feel, and it’s perfect for when you’re conversing or just relaxing through dinner with your friends and family. Perfect for beginners and professional drinkers, this cocktail is always a good starter before working your way up the session with heavier drinks.

The last four cocktails are iconic signature Pinoy cocktails that are definite crowd-pleasers. Whether you are from around the Philippines vacationing on the island or a foreign visitor, these local signature cocktails will give you something to talk about.

Photo courtesy of energepic.com via Pexels

7. Gin Pom


Photo courtesy of Kelli Tungay via Unsplash

As the name suggests, this drink is made of gin and pomelo juice which gives that sweet aftertaste. The price range for this drink is PhP90.00 to PhP140.00. This drink is one of the most popular local cocktails that are easy to drink,  plus you can barely taste the alcohol in it. So this is good for those who aren’t big fans of alcohol but want to do social drinking.

Gin Pom is also great for those who are just starting out on their alcoholic drinking journey. It pairs nicely with good food and snacks. Definitely perfect for that Boracay nightlife scene or on the beach while hanging out with your friends.

8. Mestiza


Photo courtesy of rawpixel.com via Pexels

If you could watch how the Mestiza is made you’ll realize it’s the local version of the Cuba Libre with a beer in it. Yes, the Mestiza is made with rum, Coke, and beer. This is definitely not for beginners.  To appreciate this drink, you’d have to be a little bit more experienced when it comes to drinking alcohol. For PhP150.00 to PhP210.00, this could give you a good hangover experience.

9. Wengweng 


Photo courtesy of Lisa Fotios via Pexels

The Wengweng is one of those good starter drinks because you could barely taste the alcohol content in it, even though there are about 3 types of intoxicating beverages in it. The alcohol is masked by 2 types of juices; so if you’re a little afraid of alcohol, this one is for you. Dubbed as a “traydor” (traitor), you won’t know you’re drunk until you’ve had about five or six of these (more or less, depending on your tolerance).

This drink is made of small portions of vodka, rum, brandy, and tequila with huge amounts of orange and pineapple juice--for a total of five ingredients. Since there’s a lot, the Wengweng is one of the most pricey cocktails on the list. You can buy it by the pitcher for  PhP300.00 to PhP500.00 or by the glass for PhP200.00 to PhP260.00.

10. Boracay


Photo courtesy of AJ Garcia via Pexels

Last but not least, what good is a popular Boracay cocktails list without the local Boracay cocktail, itself? This is one of the most ordered drinks on the island if you want to fully experience that Boracay nightlife scene. If you’re into something sweet with a mix of coffee, then the Boracay is for you. Named after one of the most beautiful islands of the Philippines, this drink is made of rum, coffee, condensed milk, and chocolate malt powder. 

The drink costs PhP150.00 to PhP200.00; and, of course, not all bars make it the same way. The portion levels of the liquid ingredients vary, depending on where you order it. Since this cocktail has a lot of taste, this is more for the ones who are already used to heavy drinking. And since you are already on (or planning to visit) the island, you might as well try this.

These drinks are sure to give anyone a major hangover, which is why you always need to make sure that you are staying in a great place with a wide range of amenities such as Alta Vista de Boracay to make your visit more comfortable. This hotel is complete with a restaurant, a stunning view deck of the island, a karaoke room, an infinity pool—and, yes, you guessed it—a bar where you could continue to party even if you decided to stay in your hotel. What more can we say? Bottoms up!