Sure the six-month close down of Boracay is bad news for travelers, but don’t miss out on its merits. For one, a better Boracay will be awaiting your return. Plus, you’ll have more time to save up for your next visit! It isn’t too late to catch some summer jobs. Have a side hustle going and your travel fund will never run short. With several options out there, there’s just no excuse for not having enough money to make your travel dreams come true. Make that dream Boracay trip happen with these side jobs.

Offer ride-hailing and carpooling services

carpooling service

The sharing economy is booming, and you’d do well to take a piece of the pie. Consumer convenience apps like Grab and Angkas offer just the opportunity you need. If you have a compact, sub-compact or midsize sedan that’s fairly new, you can enroll it to the Grab system. Full-time drivers make Php30,000 to Php40,000 per month. Your income will depend on your availability and how often you accept rides. You’ll earn more during rush hour, where riders are charged a surge rate and often pay double the usual rates. There’s also the option of hiring drivers to operate a small fleet of cars, making the most out of the earning opportunities offered by Grab.

Earn from your spare room

Do you have a spare room at your house or your condo? Workers and tourists looking for a temporary accommodation are your perfect target market. Depending on the type of home you have, the size of the room you are offering and your location, your rate can run anywhere between Php500 and Php4,000 per day. This could make you a decent amount of passive income in a month. Renting out a room does not eat up too much operational costs, and the most you have to do is maintain the cleanliness of the room so it’s always presentable to interested renters. You will also have to tweak your schedule a little so you can spare a bit of time to meet your tenants and handing over the keys.

Engage in buy and sell

Are you keen on spotting good deals and predicting what would sell online? Engaging in buy and sell could be the side hustle for you. You can amp up your earnings using any of the following platforms: Facebook Marketplace, Shoppee, Carousell, eBay PH, and OLX. You can scour the same marketplaces for cheap deals and re-sell them at a margin. You may also go to offline marketplaces such as thrift shops and garage sales to score unique and affordable deals, then flip them for a profit.

Earnings from buy and sell, just like any other business, is a lot less predictable. You may be offering profitable deals but there is no guarantee your target customers will scoop it up. The potential to earn is significant though, and will be well worth the risk.

Use your skills to earn on the side

Sometimes making money on the side can be as simple as offering basic services. How about putting together a small team and offering cleaning services for other people’s cars, condos or houses? You’ll find platforms to offer such services online, including StarOfServicePH, GawinPH, and RaketPH. These platforms will let you offer a ton of other services such as fitness training, home improvement, events planning, and many more. Social media is also an effective channel for marketing your services. Your earnings will depend on the type of service you provide and how well you do it.

Work as an insurance agent

work as insurance agent

You may not be aware of it, but being an insurance agent can be incredibly profitable. The job entails educating people about the benefits of being insured. You will need interpersonal skills to succeed in the field as the job entails dealing with people and convincing them to see things your way. The job offers flexibility with time, which makes it a great option for a side hustle. Your earnings will be on a commission basis, so you will earn as much as you are selling. Successful agents earn as much as a six-digit figure a month for 20 to 30 hours of work done in a week. Your success on this job will depend on your ability to network with other people and to market your services.

Offer your professional services as a freelancer

freelance work

The gig economy is booming as well, and you’d do well to take a dip in it. Freelancers take short-term projects, and can work on a flexible schedule. As a freelancer, you get to benefit not only from the thriving business environment in the Philippines, but also from countless employers abroad as well. Freelance jobs are especially ideal for individuals who are skilled in the following fields: multimedia arts, creative writing, digital marketing, events organizing, teaching, admin and customer service, and web and software development. If you have a good command of the English language, a knack for writing, productivity skills, technical background, and other such know-how, you may be a good fit for the freelancing world. There are several platforms you can explore for high-paying jobs, including,, and The competition is stiff, so you need to be adaptive, flexible, and constantly evolving. The high potential earnings will be all worth it.

Start a blog

start a blog

Do you have some ideas worth sharing? Do you enjoy writing or taking photos or videos? A blog may be just the source of income you’re looking for. Find a niche that captures your interest and create relevant content. Learn the many ways you can monetize your site, and this could just be your ticket to a grand vacation in Boracay. From adding affiliate links to working with advertisers, there are many fun and lucrative ways to earn from your blog. You can also offer you blogging services to other blog site owners or companies. You can earn a guaranteed hourly rate this way. Blogging can also open doors to many fun and meaningful events happening in your area. It’s a lifestyle people pine for.

Once the Boracay rehabilitation is over, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to visit your favorite destination once again. Traveling to places like Alta Vista de Boracay is on the horizon, so be ready for them. Start hustling now!