Beyond destination weddings, people are now also traveling to distant places to celebrate birthday parties. Your special day, after all, deserves a beautiful backdrop for the festive celebrations. And you can’t have a more picturesque backdrop than Boracay. Here are beach party ideas for a weekend-long birthday celebration on the island.

Tropical beach bash

tropical birthday bash beach party

Photo courtesy of Porapak Apichodilok via Pexels

Throw a tropical beach bash on the beach. You’re in Boracay and must make the most out of its beautiful white beaches. Simply spread out picnic mats on the sand, and serve an assortment of tropical delights. Prepare delicious cocktail drinks, which your guests can sip straight out of pineapples and coconut husks. Have everyone go barefoot and dance to EDM and reggae music that are pumping beach vibes. Once you’re done with your cocktail drinks, you can have a fun game of bowling, with the coconut serving as the ball and the pineapples as the targets.


Seaside seafood fest

birthday beach party seaside seafood fest

Photo courtesy of Oleksandr Pidvalnyi via Pexels

What’s a seaside party without sumptuous seafood? Throw a grill party that features seafood, seafood, and more seafood! Just go to the wet market in Boracay, and stack on crabs, shrimps, and all sorts of fish. Get the grill going and have everyone gorging on the many gifts of the sea. You can have your seafood fest along with island hopping activities on the island. You can book a private island hopping tour that will take you to various destinations, including the Crocodile Island, Magic Island, and Crystal Cove. You can ask the tour operator to supply the grilling implements. The tour guide and assistants can even help you set things up and carry on with the cooking.


Hawaiian Luau party

birthday beach party hawaiian luau party

Photo courtesy of Lesjbohlen via Pexels

Have everyone show up with the perfect birthday look by throwing a Hawaiian Luau party. Think grass skirts, flower necklaces, and floral shirts for your beach party outfits. Be ready with a beach-themed cake in bright color palettes. You can add in desserts shaped in surfboards, tropical fruits, and beach balls. You can also prepare Hawaiian-themed beach party decorations, stationery, and giveaways. This can be as simple as a pop-up print of the birthday celebrant in a Luau ensemble. Bring in an assortment of tropical fruits to complete the Hawaiian Luau vibe. You can also pass around flower crowns, so your guests can have a lovely island look.


Beach hopping galore

birthday beach party beach hopping galore

Photo courtesy of BryanVillarosa via Pixabay

The popular White Beach is as picturesque in real life as it is on photos. You and your guests will not be disappointed. Still, Boracay has many other beaches that you simply can’t miss. They are also quieter than the crowded White Beach and will give you the tranquil escape that you crave. Some of the beaches that you can explore are Puka Beach, Ilig-Iligan Beach, Lapus-Lapus Beach, Bulabog Beach, Lagutan Beach, Tulubhan Beach, Tambisaan Beach, Crocodile Beach, Manoc-Manoc Beach, Cagban Beach, Diniwid Beach, Balinghai Beach, Punta Bunga, and Banyugan Beach. The beaches alone are enough to keep you preoccupied during the weekend getaway.


Adventure-filled water activities

birthday beach party adventure filled water activities

Photo courtesy of Yrissari via Pixabay

Your Boracay beach birthday party is simply incomplete if you don’t give the island water activities a try. Water sports on the island are just as plentiful as its beaches. You and your guests can go windsurfing, helmet diving, and stand-up paddling. Take the time to explore the island’s colorful marine life. You can go snorkeling and scuba diving for this. Those who can’t swim can go glass-bottom boating which lets you get a glimpse of Boracay’s rich marine animals, including the royal blue tang fish and the little clownfish. And you can’t miss out on mermaid swimming. Not only is it a fun activity, but it also offers a great photo op. You’ll be able to take perfect Instagram photos to remember your birthday.


Boracay nightlife rush

birthday beach party boracay nightlife rush

Photo courtesy of Bridgesward vis Pixabay

Make the most out of your weekend birthday bash in Boracay by taking advantage of the island’s booming party scene. The best way to experience Boracay’s exciting nightlife is by taking part in a pub crawl. It’s a bar-hopping tour around the island that will encourage you and your guests to mingle with the crowd and meet new people. Up to 150 people can participate in a pub crawl, so it can definitely accommodate you, your guests, and several other people you’ve never met before. Everyone will end the night with several fun, even epic, stories to tell.


 Karaoke party

birthday beach party karaoke party

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

What’s a weekend getaway without a karaoke night? Spend a night belting out your favorite songs. It’s a great way to unwind and spend an intimate evening with your family and friends. If you are staying at Alta Vista de Boracay, you can avail of their well-appointed karaoke room. You can have a blast belting out the classics, love songs, and pop hits. You can also head over to the hotel’s sports bar and drink in their well-stocked bar.


Chill out party

birthday beach party chill out party

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Make sure you slow down a little and have a relaxing time while in Boracay. It will help you unwind and recharge before heading back to your daily grind. Again, you can make the most out of the amenities at Alta Vista de Boracay by chilling at its famous infinity pool. You’ll love how it offers stunning views of The Fairways and Bluewater Golf Course, the blue waters, and the lush greens of the mountains.

You should also support local businesses by letting them massage you and braid your hair. Go get a henna tattoo as well so you and your guests can complete your island look. Everyone will look perfect in your Instagram photos. You can get all these done at the White Beach where locals are just waiting to be at your service. While in the area, you can also go sunset sailing in paraws. These iconic boats can carry up to six passengers. You and your guests can sit back and bask in the breathtaking beauty of the famous Boracay sunset. The best time to go sunset sailing is around 5:30 pm, so plan your schedule accordingly.

Take these beach party setup ideas and have the time of your life! It will be your best birthday ever.